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“Hybrid” Project-Week on DIY MedTech, FabLab LU

This February 2021 we have continued with the 4th edition of our project week on Do-It-Yourself in MedTech, an interdisciplinary hands-on week in the FabLab Luzern, HSLU.

Reduced number of students on-site to keep inline with distancing regulations.

Due to the contact restrictions we have developed a hybrid format to hold the class and have experimented the use of, a virtual “gamified” and open source collaboration tool. The map was designed by dusjagr and hosted on the fablabLU github.

Click on image to enter our virtual 2D map of the FabLab LU

Documentation is happening on the hackeria wiki. (based on media wiki)

Wiki pages can be easily access in the 2D virtual map

Throughout the week mentors were available both onsite and online to discuss project developments with the student teams and be available for questions. Regular group gatherings for input-lectures and group discussions were announced and held in a shared jitsi-room designed in the 2D virtual map.

Group discussion in the virtual classroom

Blending hybrid, on-site, online, virtual, homeLab, fabLab, classroom activities.

Reflecting on the use of workadventure as a tool for practical class-activities. We started to put down some notes in this .md pad.

How a serendipitous, hybrid (physical space + virtual space) and open environment can facilitate awesome education experiences.

Upcoming activities towards the end of 2020

Series of Workshops in Hackteria ZET – OpenScience Lab

Sterile Encounters – Workshop / Performance with Maya Minder – 6th December

Plant Traces on Textile – Workshop by Corinna Mattner – 10 & 13 December

MycoLove -Workshop by Ale Crimi and Maya Minder – 19th December

RandoGeneCode – remote Workshop for rC3 by Adam Zaretzky – 27-30th December

Other Workshops by various communities

Biohacking 101 Learning Group

We started again with the Biohacking 101 class offered by The-Odin. A nice young group of enthusiasts from various backgrounds now comes together regularly and booting up our lab activities.

Hackteria Global Network assembly at rC3 – remote Chaos Communication Congress

Get involved and join our dicsussion on the forum to setup a programme together!

Hackteria Global Network – assembly at rC3

Get involved and join our dicsussion on the forum to setup a programme together!The drafted programme is slowly growing on the wiki 2d virtual workadventure Join our islands on worksadventure! (no smartphones)

An Idiot’s Electrodibles Workshop – 22. Nov 2020

Description Electrodible workshop offers an experiment with “edible” hardware that explores the limits of interaction of our body/tongue with electronic circuits and food. This probe into the edible hardware is also a celebration of the DIY culture of sharing behind cooking, but also Open Source Hardware that bridges the divisions between the kitchen, the hardware […]

Hackteria ZET – Open Science Lab in Zürich

We are happy to announce the launch of our new local programme “Zentrum für Experimentelle Transdisziplinarität” (ZET) with the innauguration of our new OpenScience Lab in the shared hackerspace collective of Bitwäscherei, in the heart of Zürich. Join our online discussions on the Hackteria Forum Location: Open Street MapBitwäscherei3. Stock, Alte Zentralwäscherei, ZWZ(near Bhf Hardbrücke)Neue […]

Hackteria X Why ZET

Workshops, Discussions, Fanzines and Memorabilia Saturday & Sunday 11 / 12. July 2020 HLabX was a series of residencies and concentrated gatherings of people working transdisciplinary who are interested in creative biological fields and any other areas which intrigue the critical interaction across art and science. It was held over the last 12 months with […]

ハクテリア 合宿 – Oki Wonder Lab – Spring 2020

After months of preparations, tours through Taiwan and Yogyakarta for planning sessions, physical meet-ups, virtual collaborations and raising some funds, we are happy to announce the upcoming Hackteria lab to be held on the island of Okinawa, Japan, this spring. Main activities scheduled from 25. March – 15. April, with possibilities for longer stay, presentation in Tokyo […]

MedTech DIY is ongoing @FabLab Luzern, HSLU

We are happy to have the third round of our Winterschool on MedTech DIY, hosted in the FabLab Luzern, HSLU. A group of 26 students from different backgrounds are spending 6 days of prototyping, experimenting, sharing and learning together to explore creative approaches to medical technologies using DIY methodologies and the fablab infrastructures of 3D-printers, […]