Bioelectronix for artists @ piksel09

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piksel09 | 19.11-21.11 2009 | Bergen, Norway | workshop accepted

see detailed description here

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Day 1

  • welcome/introduction and overview
  • inputs from participants
  • intro to bioelectronix
  • webcam hacking
  • first views of the microcosmos
  • build a microscope
  • set-ups for extraction and isolation of organisms

Day 2

  • microscopy overview
  • how big are the things we want to work with?
  • improve microscope
  • urban micro_walk / collection of microorganisms
  • puredata for microscopy
  • silicone bioelectronix fabrication

Day 3

  • improve the microscope / leds, motors and sensors
  • design and build the bioelectronix device
  • Bio-Arduino / control your bioelectronix device
  • simple bio-sensors
  • bio2sound interfaces
  • sound2bio communication
  • observation and bio-hacking
  • brainstorm about concepts for installations/performance


See pd_microscope for different versions of the software



Living organisms:

Blades Biological

Carolina Biological Supply

Laboratory Equipment:

Ebay is your friend!

Online DIY biology resources

Hackteria... of course

DIY BIO for beginners


Home biology

there's more and more every month... just keep looking out for the links


Tuomo Tammenpää

Marie Julie Bourgeois

Havar Eggereide

Dirk Schroeder

Nima Darabi

David A Rios

Vyendas Simbelis