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There is several rooms and beds available in l'Arc for all participants. Including bed-sheets and showers etc.

Big Dorm in Roof

Big drom larc.jpg

The main sleeping room is in the roof of the house. its a large and beautiful old timber structure and has 6 queen sized beds. its ok to share one if you like each. other:-). little bit of privacy provided by paravons. there is bed line for around 10 people.

Chambre 2

Chambre larc.jpg

Chambre 3

Chambre larc.jpg


Cottage larc.jpg

shit... where do I sleep...

For visitors, we might find a sofa, we might set up one tent in the garden. but officially we should have a campground there. one is ok, according to the local administration.

The Prior's House

Orignally built in 12 century, its now a museum contained The Tearoom, The Hall of the Knights, The Berness Hall, The Hall of Jean de Seyssel, The Library, The Attic, and The Cellar. For those who likes a quieter sleep zone, the attic can host up to 10 people ;')

Prieur dorm.jpg


In the same courtyard as the l'arc we rented two joint appartments, with their own kitchen and shower etc. best to be used by people with family. they all have three beds in the rooms.

Ermitage 1

Max. 3 ppl

Ermitage 2

Andy, Monika and Noe (5 yrs old)

Domaine en Prael


Antti Tenetz, Katri Tenetz, Merja Tenetz and Tapio Tenetz (1.5 yrs old) More info >>

Further visitors

For part time visitors, there will be enough sleep spaces to share in above arranged apartment and homestay, please announce your attendance, we can try to fit you in or you can find yourself a hotel or youth hostel.