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Infractructure at L'Arc

The halls for experimentation

Halls experiment.JPG

Outdoors, it's summer

Larc outside.JPG

Jesus' Workshop

Jesus workshop.JPG

Jesus slides.JPG

Material/Tools brought by participants

pei & kiilo :

  • yamaha hs50 active monitor x 2
  • mackie 12trks mixer x 1
  • various of PA cable & adaptor (XLR, RCA, phono, minijack)
  • behainger 4 channel heaphone amp x 1
  • oktava mk 012 mic pair x 1 / mic stand x1
  • headphone x 4
  • wifi router x 1
  • ethernet cable - 40m x1, 5m x1, 1m x1
  • quatafire digital soundcard 4in/8out
  • arduino n family x 4, wii x 1
  • various of environmental sensor, RFID, USB cable, physical computing kits
  • nuts collection & tracing paper & large pieces of hard plastic transparent folio


  • Cablestripper
  • Blind-rivet tool and rivets
  • tiny selection of various ICs
  • 2" speakers
  • DC connectors
  • 1/4" jack connectors

-to be continued...


  • should I bring a small centrifuge??


  • can bring a centrifuge does 8x1.5ml tubes at 8000g if someone can bring a 1amp 12v dc power supply
  • arduino + shields (datalogger, lcd, ethernet)
  • eeepc701 (yes its old)
  • hacked webcam
  • 12v kettle
  • 5v usb can cooler
  • digital multimeter with temperature probe

-to be continued...

Lab gear

NanoLab overview.jpg

A = andy can try and pick up in China

D = stuff dusjagr probably already have enough of

F = stuff from the lab, FHNW

S = stuff from SGMK MechArtLab

SH = stuff that comes with Sachiko

Z = stuff that should be easy to get from hardware stores in Zurich at any time

Xx = need more from other sources

so i guess that just leaves the black stuff to order in, or get some other way...


  • Plexiglass / acrylic sheet
  • wooden sheet
  • thin sheet metal
  • Teflon
  • Thermocole sheet
  • Banana Jacks
  • Banana Plugs
  • Black and red Test Lead Wire
  • Copper wire
  • General electrical wire – various sizes
  • Heat shrinking tubing
  • Insulating tape
  • A hand-blender
  • Blender
  • PVC pipe and end caps
  • Styrofoam boxes
  • heating pads, aquarium heater, heated mosquito coils etc
  • computer fans
  • thermometers
  • 6v, 9v and 12v power supplies
  • HEPA filter/s
  • L – brackets
  • nuts and bolts
  • screws
  • glue, silicone sealant, etc
  • aluminium foil
  • Pressure cooker (for autoclaving)
  • Lenses
  • Magnifiers
  • cable connectors (screw type and crimp type)
  • ? magnet wire
  • D PDMS
  • big plastic box to make a glovebox
  • magnets
  • mirrors
  • small vivaria (aquarium-/terrarium-like) (transparent boxes? or just plexiglass and glue+cutting device?)
  • polymorph
  • all kinds of cables
  • plastic & glass tubes
  • pots


  • SH Petri dishes
  • F Erlenmeyer Flasks
  • F Graduated Cylinders
  • F D Scale and Measuring Accessories
  • D Pipettes and Tips
  • D Beakers
  • Xx bunsen burner / other flame
  • F tweezers
  • F gloves
  • F parafilm
  • Xx Ph meter
  • SH pH paper
  • F forceps
  • Xx sample pots
  • S funnels
  • F stands and clamps
  • ? sterile filters and syringes
  • ? sterile pipettes
  • ? tissue culture flasks


Chemicals etc:

  • Z DeIonized water
  • Z Sucrose
  • F Thiamine
  • Xx Murashige + Skoog Packets
  • F NAA (naphthaleneacetic acid)
  • F BAP (benzyladenine)
  • Z Sterilized Water
  • Z bleach
  • Z detergent
  • F 70% alcohol
  • F ethanol


  • S D Arduinos
  • F pcb etching stuff, UV, etchant, pcbs
  • Xx wireless shields for arduinos?
  • Xx netduinos (?)
  • S D Sensors, some, bring what you need
  • A yadda yadda yadda
  • A S lasers
  • A D webcams
  • A S mini audio amps (kits or ready made)
  • A gear motors
  • A S dc motors
  • S pager motors (those little ones)
  • S vibrators (those little ones...)
  • S parts, resistors, caps, cmos chips, motors, batteries and all you can dream of
  • A D LEDs LEDs LEDs
  • A D S infrared LEDs
  • Xx infrared filter (for video tracking)


  • Tardies
  • nematodes
  • hydra
  • drosophila
  • Frogs
  • Bugs
  • Fishes
  • kids


  • S D Dremmel type drill (at least 2) and bits
  • S D soldering irons and solder
  • S jigsaw / electric saw and hand saw
  • S measuring and cutting supplies
  • S heat gun
  • F plasma gun
  • blow dryer (Fön)
  • Z small freezer (?)
  • S regulated power supply


Audio/Video gear

  • Xx beamer (?) (for bio tracking touch interface, via webcam... just an idea)
  • Xx active speakers and/or amp
  • (Xx old lcd monitor (as a "light table" for experiments))

Office stuff

  • S printer
  • Z paper

Material to order

Living organisms

we place an order on sciento these days. if you have some ideas for intersting stuff to get, let me know asap. ranging from fungi, algae, tardigrades, slugs.

i wanna try another simple Algae Culture at Home http://www.sciento.co.uk/catalog/item/514/

anyway we get some tardis, daphnias and the lot. http://www.sciento.co.uk/catalog/item/349/

hydra? http://www.sciento.co.uk/catalog/item/311/


maybe some sensors, atmega (for making BioArduinos)

will make an order soon at watterott and farnell