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Google Calendar as the most up-to-date

Please change view date to 13. April

Tentative Detail Schedule (to be update)

  • pre-sessions, arrival of participants
  • 10-12 April

Prepare Kedai Kebun Forum’s (KKF) space as our ground, hub, working space and start working there.

  • 13 April

Local and international participants arriving, welcome dinner

  • 14 April

11h:Hackteria Lab Intro @ KKF

Introducing KKF space as the ground; Introducing all three focuses along with the coordinators, communities in charge and existing programs; Channeling all participants into areas of their interest; Explaining all session’s schedule and possibilities

  • 15 April

9h - 16h:Citizen Science Symposium @ UGM

  • 15-17 April

Field trip (either to Bioremediation of Volcanic Soil at Merapi Mountain facilitated by Microbiology lab of Gadjah Mada University; Environmental Monitoring of the Yogyakarta Rivers facilitated by Lifepatch; or Biodiversity Conservation in Wonosadi Forest facilitated by Green Tech Community) Workshops with communities along the three designated field.

16th/18h to 17th/11h:Wonosadi Camping

  • 18-19 April

Ground works I (exploring findings, making workshops, working with areas of interests, making things happen) Lab phase in Bumi Pemuda Rahayu starts (people who needed silence and a more remote working situation can start working in BPR) Workshops with people around BPR sustainability center starts. Workshops with communities in Yogya.

  • 19-21 April

RETREAT phase in BPR (all participants have to be around for presentation preparation and more workshops to be done)

  • 22-25 April

Ground works II (exploring findings, making workshops, working with areas of interests, making things happen) Preparation for final exhibition

  • 24 April

Seminar at KKF and (mabye Gadjah Mada University)

ACOUSTICOLOGY: A music project that provides a collaborative platform for artists, musicians, scientists and hackers to arrange and improvise musical compositions according to each own disciplines. This project challenges the participants to not use any kinds of electronic amplifiers for a collaborative compositions in order to recall our hearing sensitivity —as we are mechanosensitive beings— amidst our noise-polluted environment.

  • 25 April

Exhibition at SaRang Building

  • post-sessions, reflections, documentation, leaving of participants

More details soon