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andy g

i'm going to bring some;

tardigrades, blepharisma, anabaena, haematococcus, solenoid valves, relays, wires, resistors, breadboard, webcams, broken dvds, spectroscope prototypes, photometer boards, ICs, biscuits, chorizo, transistors, solder, LEDs, finger mounted LEDs, torch, 4 year old male child, microscope slides, pipettes, glass things, formaldehyde and a box of small bits of junk.

stefan d

As this will be my first steps into micro and nano world, I have not really experiences what kind of material
to bring. At least I will bring a midi-voltage/voltage-midi interface with 4 digital inputs and 16 (semi)analog
outputs. perhaps it would be possible to use it either to controll some kind of manipulation or read some sensor input.
additionally I will bring some half, small cams and 1 old av/dv interface for testing...
at least some pumpkin oil should be also in the box, some small other stuff jumps in the bag...
my son stays at home.
do we have a magnet driven stirring device? could we need it? perhaps I'll bring also motor and magnets...

should be easy to make one (marc)

antony h

going to bring parts for my tabletop pond-life sustainer projector thing which i have not put together for nearly 10 years looking forward to updating it. Also bringing water pumps, iLogs [photosynthisiser modlel] electronics amplifiers and speaker transducers with screw on plates, aurduno and muio interface boards, diy heleshaw cell kit. a small selection of precious silicone tubing which they dont sell at my local model shop anymore. fine magnet/transfprmer wire,...


i'll post more soon. generally we got looooooooaads of stuff. its gonna be paradise.

what i dont have is tubing. ran out of it recently.



i placed an order of Silicone, PE and PTFE tubings. maybe delivered mid next week. cross fingers.

liquidscan medical grade tubings

ah, fine transformer wire, very fine, that could be helpfull, perhaps, would like to have some, too for some trials