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Monday, 5.4.2010

  • 15h: Preparation of material and Dock18 by local participants
  • All day: Arrival of first participants, individually, settling in

Tuesday, 6.4.2010

  • 11h - 12h Kick-Off in Dock18, overview of programm
  • 12h - 14h Lab setup
  • 14h - 17h project phase
  • 17h - 18h Introduction of Hackteria
  • 18h - 20h Invited hackteria dinner&beer in Ziegel oh Lac, more personal introductions
  • 20h - 22h Introduction by participants, 7 min project presentations
  • All day: Arrival of more participants, individually, settling in

Wednesday, 7.4.2010

  • 11h - 14h Voluntary visit to University of Zurich (to be confirmed)
  • 11h - 14h individual project phase
  • 14h - 15h planning phase for Hackteria Show and collaborative projects
  • 15h - 17h collaborative project phase
  • 17h - 18h guest speaker (to be announced)
  • 18h - openend individual project phase
  • Evening - What about dinner in Aargauerhof and some Langstrasse action?

Thursday, 8.4.2010

  • 11h - 14h individual project phase
  • 14h - 20h or till openend... more BioHacking and DIY
  • 20h what about a barbeque in front of Dock18? maybe spring is allready here...

Friday, 9.4.2010

  • 11h - 14h more BioHacking and DIY
  • 14h - 15h Preparation for Hackteria Show
  • 15h -17h Wrap up and Open Discussions
  • 17h - 18h Setup and Preparation
  • 18h - 20h Hackteria Apero

Hackteria Show | Friday 20h - 24h, 9.4.2010

see top page Hackteria_Lab_-_Dock18_-_6-9_April_2010

WORKSHOP: DIY microscopy | 10 & 11 April| 14h – 18h

Saturday and Sunday is the DIY Microscopy Workshop, see top page WORKSHOP: DIY microscopy

The Aftermath

Some of the participants will have to leave already on saturday, but you are free to stay as long as you like...

Monday - Wednesday Hackteria Chill-Out on Hagen