IHS - Annual Report 2014

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General Overview


International Projects

HackteriaLab 2014 - Yogyakarta - April 2014

HLab14-excl.pngHlab14-incl inkind.png

Download Report to ProH: File:ProH_HLab14_report_final.pdf

Kopenlab - 21 - 26. June 2014

Rabbit Hunting Helsinki - 4-6. Sep 2014

PiksteriaLab 2014 - Bergen - 10-16. Nov 2014

Other projects

Networking activities in Europe

Independent activities

Projects in Switzerland

#HSC Talk-Series in Corner College, Zürich - Mai - Dez 2014

Waterhackathon at Tech4Dev Conference, Lausanne - 4-6. June 2014

Hackteria Schaffhausen - 12-14. June 2014

Läb(e) am Egge, Corner College, Zürich - 20-26. Okt 2014

Other projects

Folk-Culture sessions

Lick the moonmilk



See a map of all global workshops here: http://hackteria.org/projects/news/global_hackteria_workshops/

Global hackteria workshops.png


Hardware Projects and Labology



Nail Studio Micro Fluidics


Shake it Baby

Water Sampling Coconut

Coco inside.jpg

Elektrowetting Prototype



GT200 gaudiVideos.png

Centrifuge V3.0

Daphnia Sensor



DIY microscope developments

Laser-cut microscopy stages#SwitchMag

Img 3444.jpg
SwitchableMag DIY-microscope MaryWard.jpg

Photospectrometers and Nyamuk Synthizaaaiizaa

SATW 16 turbidity TiO2.jpg

Fishuino aka Fish-Hacking

IMG 2593.JPG


Online presence and Media

  • 30 new posts on Hackteria.org
  • 20+ new projects on wiki

Wiki hackteria stats2014.png

Related Projects

BioDesign for the Real World

BioTehna, Kapelica, Slovenia

SATW - Do-it-yourself von Laborgeräten in der Bioanalytik


LAPASO - EU-FP7 ITN project Okt 2013 - 2018


what else

What's this thingy denisa has been scheming?


Download the full expenses sheet: File:hackteriaSwiss_expenses_2014_overview.pdf

Total Production Costs

These are the raw numbers of real cash that was flowing through these projects, including the funding of our partners, excluding in-kind contributions for rent, travel, voluntary work. The main partners involved in 2014 where Lifepatch, Corner College and EPFL, extra funding sources for international projects came from Arts Collaboratory (18k), ProHelvetia (12k), Ford Foundation (8k), EPFL (via BioDesign 4k) and other smaller contributions. Partner funding for projects in Switzerland came from SNF (5k) and Corner College via Stadt Zürich (7k) and other smaller contributions.

Hackteria2014 ProjectCosts new.png

Financial Contributions

This the overview of where the core funding from IHS was spent on, excluding partners and 3rd party funding. The main sources for the core IHS finances where Migros Kulturprozent (15k), Kulturraum SH (1k) and small donations.

Hackteria2014 FinancialContributions.png