Jurus Sulam Listrik workshop 2022

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designer credit: Maria Inarita Uthe

Jurus Sulam Listrik Workshop Lifepatch 2022 July

Dipandu oleh Shih Wei Chieh (Taiwan)


This workshop introduce the technique that Shih Wei Chieh employs it in his e-textile work "I am Very Happy I Hope You are too" in his residency program in Oaxaca, Mexico 2013. The purpose was to allow, encourage untrained engineer, local aztec villager to participate circuits manufacturing with craft skill they are familiar with such as embroidery technique, stitching, weaving. In this workshop you will be introduced how to manufacture circuits with embroidery threads and conductive threads, assemble LEDs with sewing instead of soldering. However the smd components still require soldering. The circuits in this workshop we will using is from "Mixed Tape", which is an audio programmable Attiny85 circuit. Attiny85 is a micro Arduino chip which allowed you to do several task, it enables you to do several jobs like LED blinks, motor movements or sensor readings etc.

Lokakarya ini memperkenalkan teknik yang digunakan oleh Shih Wei Chieh dalam karya e-tekstilnya “"I am Very Happy I Hope You are too" selama program residency di Oaxaca, Mexico pad atahun 2013. Tujuan lokakarya ini adalah untuk mendorong para insinyur yang tidak terlatih, penduduk aztec lokal untuk menggabungkan penciptaan sirkuit dengan keahlian kriya yang mereka kenal seperti teknik sulam, rajut, dan tenun. Pada lokakarya ini Anda akan diperkenalkan bagaimana cara menciptakan sirkuit dengan benang sulam dan benang konduktif, merangkai LED dengan jahitan alih-alih menyoldernya. Meskipun demikian, komponen-komponen smd tetap membutuhkan penyolderan. Sirkuit-sirkuit pada lokakarya ini berasal dari “Mixed Tape”, sebuah sirkuit program Attiny85. Attiny85 adalah sebuah chip mikro Arduino yang memudahkan Anda untuk melakukan beberapa penugasan, ia dapat mengerjakan beberapa pekerjaan seperti kedipan LED, gerakan dinamo, pembacaan sensor dan lain-lain.

Date and Location

Tanggal: Minggu, 3 Juli 2022

Waktu: 15.00 - 20.00 WIB

Tempat: Lifepatch + alamat


JurusSulamListrik ShowExamples.jpg


  • Tweezers
  • soldering gun
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Embroidery frame


  • 1 Attiny85
  • 2 x resistors 22
  • 1 x resistor 102
  • 2 x Capacitor 100 nf
  • 1 x Piezo
  • 1 x 3.5 audio terminal
  • 1 x Coin battery 3V
  • 1 x Battery holder

Textile materials

The Embroidered 8 bits Mixtape Synth circuit

We will use the audio input part from the 8bit Mixtape synth NEO schematic for the embroidered circuit making. For the embroidery we will use the conventional embroidery canvas for cross stitch in 22 ct specs. 22 ct means 22 holes within one inch, therefore it is exactly same gap between SMD pins, 1.27 mm, so it perfectly simulate the PDB environment. However it is only my preference and I like the aesthetic, you may of course embroider with any kind of fabric.


  1. You can draw the circuit sketch on the embroidery canvas for your own schematic design, in theory you can make very fun pattern freely as long as the connections are all correct, or you can just make a very minimum circuit layout with shortest path like conventional PCB layout assignment. However it is recommended that you should leave some minimum distant between each component so it will be easier for the sewing work.
  2. We need to solder some conductive threads onto each pins of the electronic components for the later embroidery sewing work.
  3. Sewing up the component first, and then the connections. For the connections we don't use soldering either, we simply join the conductive threads by overlapping two threads together and then wrap it with embroidery threads with some pressure, so it can be conducted.

The LEDs assembling

The soldering is flexible circuits enemy! we always want to avoid soldering in any circumstance if you try to make a flexible circuits or wearable crafts. Of course it is impossible to avoid all the soldering but we try our best. Here we are using a special type of Top LED from Osram. It was two wings in ∫ shape, we can clamp it with tweezer so the LED can be attached with the conductive threads.

Prototypes and the finish works

Examples of the embroidered circuits and LEDs arrays.

Workshop documentation

The final circuit by dusjagr

It works!!!

Attiny embroidered square.jpgAttiny embroidered.jpg