PIFcamp Plant Analyzer

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Further developed and worked with during the Lab-in-the-Wild @ PIFcamp, Trenta 2015


It's basically the same circuit as the NanoSmano Sajica aka Vive-la-Resistance, as documented on the SGMK wiki. A basic 4093 single oscillator using 1 NAND gate with a very small capacitor (1 - 10 nF), leaving the pads for the resistor open to play with. Then buffering the output through another gate to control the LED and further buffering it through a gate to be used as output for a piezo or read-out using the freqCount library.

PIFcamp plant-Analyzer.jpg

See more details and applications of the PIFcamp Plant Analyzer or other projects on Plant Electrophysiology.

The circuit

4093 sajica schematic.jpg

4093 sajica chip connections.jpg


Original PIFcamp Plant Analyzer

PIFcamp circuit plant.png

#Jesus in the wires! Irreverent PCB designs

PIFcamp circuit Jesus.png

Download MASKs

NewDesigns Kat Dan.png


The History

Orignally made during the NanoSmano Small Matter, May 2011 in Ljubljana, to use as a model of a NanoCarbon based gas sensor.

See the other workshops from Du du kuglica sajica mavrica

Very simple making of a PCB using photolitho and using a resistive "surface" as a sensing area, coating it with different materials such as soot (black carbon). The use as a "Salami-Sensor" has been questioned though...