Reflow 0603 SMT components at Home

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Part of our research activities at ROŠA - Regional Open Science Hardware & Art, Indonesia

Reflow comparison oldschool.jpgReflow success stabilized.gifReflow 01 setup.jpg

Making the stencil

Reflow laserCutStencil.jpg

We managed to produce our own stencils for applying the solder paste using a low-cost laser engraving module. The Creality Ender S1 is a bery suitable 3d-printer and for 80USD extra you can get the laser engraving module. It's a but tricky to find the right settings, speed and strenght etc, to make precise stencil, focus calibration and color and property of the paper, each time you will have to fiddle the settings for optimal results.

Preparing for reflow

Reflowing on small Hotplate