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Wormolution - Hackteria Temporary Autonomous Laboratory - Sep 2019


12. - 15. September, Le Commun, Geneva, Switzerland

Hackteria coordinates a Temporary Autonomous Laboratory during the early phase of “1000 Ecologies” inviting international researchers, artists and entrepreneurs as participants. The lab as a temporary construction should allow researchers from the fields of biology and engineering to collaborate with artists and so create links between the "two cultures", the human sciences and the arts. On the topic of “Wormolution” participants will explore the territory between plastic as the abundant material of our society and the natural metabolisms and processes in nature. By combining their expertise, share simple instructions and engaging in critical and theoretical reflections artists and scientists will create new ways to combine multiple ecologies, maybe in a circular, maybe in a whole new way of freedom and awareness.

The Laboratory Akademie Schloss Solitude – Dec 2016

The Laboratory Solutide

December 2016

For one week a group of biologists, hackers, musicians, artists and educators are gathering at a temporary lab being setup at the Akademie Schloss Solitude. During this gathering of people we are creating a spirit of curiosity, creativity and inspiration to practically explore modern techniques and tools of biology, discuss their role in society today and think about their historic roots in the alchemist’s kitchens of old times.

Flyer Solitude lab.jpg

Hackteria's Empathetic Taxidermia Lab

Taxidermia HEL2016

September 2016

Hackteria's Empathetic Taxidermia Lab is a durational, collaborative and explorative experimentation on taxidermy with Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr, a co-founder of the Hackteria network. The aim of the lab is to investigate artistic practices and traditional craft with living/non-living media to reconnect us with our ecosystem and ourselves.

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DIY lab tools and field-works UCSB

DIY lab tools and field-works UCSB

Feb 2016

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Lab-in-the-Wild at pifCamp, Slovenia


Aug 2015

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BioAutonomy aka EXOglands radical dynamics - Hangar, Barcelona

EXOglands radical dynamics

biopunk – radical SelFpower – Analisis of fluids – citology – DIY equipment

April - Mai 2015

EXOglands session.gif

PiksteriaLab 2014 - Bergen

PiksteriaLab 2014 - Bergen

Nov 2014

Bergen Protest-mot-biokunst.png

Läb(e) am Egge - Zürich

Läb am Egge

Oct 2014


HackteriaLab 2014 - Yogyakarta

HackteriaLab 2014 - Yogyakarta

April 2014

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HackteriaLab 2013 - Bangalore

HackteriaLab 2013 - Bangalore

28. Jan -12. Feb 2013

Flyer hackteriaLab 2013 web.jpg

MutaMorphosis:Nomadic Science Lab

MutaMorphosis:Nomadic Science Lab

3. - 7. Dec 2012

Flyer Mutamorphosis.jpg

NanoŠmano - LifeSystems

NanoŠmano - LifeSystems

September 2012

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HackteriaLab 2011 - Romainmotier

HackteriaLab 2011 - Romainmotier

August 2011

Flyer hackteriaLab 2011 single.jpg

Hackteria Lab - Dock18 - April 2010

Hackteria Lab - Dock18 - 6-9 April 2010

April 2010

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