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=== Commercial Turbidity Sensors ===
=== Commercial Turbidity Sensors ===

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coming soon, first experiments by Andy and dusjagr looked great... see more details on DIY spectroscopy

BabyTurbiduino aka Daphna-2-MIDI Converter


OD uino breadboarding.jpg

Overview OD uino stackes.JPG

OD uino prototype.JPG


Kafi-Schnapps Detektor

Daphnia 2 midi.jpg

See more info and file on Thingyverse

Kafi schnapps detektor calibrations sm.jpg

Turbidity sensor

simple light absorbtion at a specific wavelength of a cheap laser, easy detection of turbidity.

Turbi siech.jpg

turbidity to pd tools:

Turbiditiy logging pd.jpg

New kresse shields.jpg

Commercial Turbidity Sensors

see this for dishwashers...



UV-vis absorbtion spectrophotometer

UV-vis spectrometer, would be even nicer, added white LED instead of laser, changing colors with simple light filters. but they have almost no UV, so added a UV led. turns out the CdS photoresistors are really slow and not very sensitive at UV also...

NS spectrophotometer filtering.jpg

also we are working on a hacked line-scanner to look at the spectra after passing a prism or grating.