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Wurst Works

a collection of art works about or using Sausage/Wurst as material

Is ma’ Wurscht

...from [1]

A taste of big data on the global dinner table (2015) author(s):
Markéta Dolejšová published in: Journal for Artistic Research

The Is ma’ Wurscht project can be interpreted as a humorous political commentary on the corruptness of the sausage market – or, more generally, as a comment on the corruptness of the global food market per se. This shift from food as an artistic material to food as a self-referencing tool utilised to comment on food system issues is becoming more frequent among contemporary food artists. The aesthetic and sensory qualities of food are utilised as a medium to communicate the larger social context of global food production and distribution or (trans)national food policy regulations. These kinds of artworks differ from those on Montano’s list, as their authors not only work with food but also for food while referring to the pitfalls of the uneven food industry. As technological progress and new ‘smart’ tools play a crucial role in the development of the contemporary food agenda (Belasco 2008), artists also often employ these tools – be it in a serious, ironic, hyperbolic, or even metaphorical manner.