15/2/2013 research on Arsenic

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During this research we found out all the date regarding the contaminated water and areas in the world and India. The numbers are gruesome. The drinking water limit is 10mcg/l as per WHO which in West Bengal extends even 50 and 100 mcg/l. And people are unaware and helpless.

While there are arsenic kits to test the water, they all are complicated for people to use. Theyare chemical tests and aren't user friendly. From this research it is clear that we wish to work towards creating an ergonomic, accessible kit that can be easily operated by anyone.

Arsolux (a similar process in detecting arsenic using fireflies instead GFP) a bio-sensor kit isn't commercially distributed and that makes you wonder why have it if you aren't using or what is preventing from it being distributed on a wider scale.