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The workshop is lead by Marc R. Dusseiller and Andy Gracie.

It is organised in collaboration with the Finnish Bioart Society.

Andy Gracie is an artist working between various disciplines including installation, robotics, sound, video and biological practice. The work he produces is situated between the arts and the sciences, creating situations of exchange between natural and artificial systems which allow new emergent behaviours to develop.

Marc R. Dusseiller is a transdisciplinary scholar, lecturer for Micro- and Nanotechnology and artist. He works in an integral way to combine science, art and education. He performs DIY-workshops in lo-fi electronics, music and robotics, has made various short movies and is currently developing means to perform biological science (mammalian cell culture, microfluidics, live-microscopy) in a DIY fashion in your kitchen or your atelier.


DIY Microscopy

Simple microscope step3 flipping lens.JPG

DIY microscopy instructions on dusjagr labs

DIY microscopy on hackteria

PS3 Eye hacking on hackteria

generally check the DIY_microscopy instruction on this wiki

PS3 Eye hack

Ps3eye microscopy hack parts.jpg

Instructions zu Playstation3 PS3 Eye

driver für PC

Tips für den PS3 Eye Ausbau

a movie in preparation on dusjagr's vimeo

pd - microscope

Pure Data

Pd (aka Pure Data) is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing.

we developed open source software for microscopy and motion detection:

check some of the code on the Pd_microscope

Bioelectronix Basics

see the technical introduction on Bioelectronix on this wiki

or read Andy's article about the topic

BioElectronix Arduino



Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

Hackteria Arduino-Clone

see hackteria site

Workshop schedule

Day 1

  • introduction and overview
  • microscopy and scale overview
  • webcam hacking and microscope building

Day 2

  • urban micro_walk / collection of microorganisms
  • set-ups for extraction and isolation of organisms
  • improve the microscope / leds, motors and sensors

Day 3

  • designing and building bioelectronix devices
  • investigation of samples collected
  • Bio-Arduino / controlling bioelectronix device
  • observation of organisms and bio-hacking

Day 4

  • introduction to Pd for microscopy (if necessary)
  • bio2sound and sound2bio communication
  • finalising microscopes and devices
  • brainstorming concepts for installations/performances – optional presentation

Material Planning

Pixelache organizes locally

3 or 4 sodlering irons

helping hands, 3x (if they already have some around)

Dremmel or similar

Small hand saws

Power cables and extensions

Small electric oven

Andy brings

Lab gear:

90mm Petri dish x 20

62mm Petri dish x 20

3ml disposable pipettes x 100

75mm plastic funnel x 10

5ml syringe x 20

10ml syringe x 15

tube clamps x 8

5mm silicone tubing x 3m

Glass microscope slides - 1 box of 50

Electronic gear:

5V relays x 8

L293 h-bridges x 15

Making gear:


super glue

contact glue

various metal and wooden bar (square, L and round section)

2mm acrylic sheet

4mm plywood sheet

various small nuts, bolts, washers and threaded bar

sand paper

hot glue gun and glue sticks

small pliers (5)

Living organisms:




Some other...

Marc brings

Lab Gear:

1ml syringe 20x

silicone tubing inner diameter 0.8 mm, 20 m



PDMS, 2 half empty bottles

fluorescein powder


Yeast extract


assorted box of resistors, 1x

assorted box of capacitors, 1x

assorted box of potentiometers, 1x (need to get more)

LED white, 50x, and some randon assorted LEDs

Temperature Sensor, TMP36, 10x

Photoresistors, 20x

prototyping boards, 5x

proto pcbs, 5x

wire, colored, lots of it

flatband, rainbow, 5m

solder, 20m, 1x

random box of motors, speakers, lasers and other stuff

BioArduino kits, 10x (to be sold individually)


Electronix Tools:

Gas Solder Iron, 5x (get the gas in finnland)

NOPE : electric solder iron, 2x

3rd helping hands, 4x

europe to swiss power mulitsupply, 1x

wire strippers, 3x

Making gear:

MAYBE: cordless dremel, 1x

Hot glue gun, 2x (incl ammunition)

NOPE: Polymorph, 500g

Living organisms:

Slime mold


myself, 1x, and the stuff on my shoes and skin, 350'243'554'300 approx


NOPE: cheap torches, 3x

NOPE: pins, 50x

NOPE: stickers, 100x