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Related to the core of this course

Backyard Brains - Neuroscience For Everyone!

Backyard Brains - Muscle SpikerShield
Maschinen, Elektronik und Prozesse steuern über die elektrische Aktivität deiner Muskeln
DIY Version

PCB schematics

Heart and Brain SpikerShield Bundle
Mit dem Brain SpikerShield kannst Du actions Potentiale deines Herzen und Hirn (EEG/EKG) visualisieren und aufnehmen.

Backyard Brains - Experimente

The Biosignals How-To
Biosignals youtube How-To.png

Experiments by dusjagr measuring electro-active fish

TED Talk - Steuern der Muskeln einer anderen Person über dein Gehirn

TED Talk - Elektrische Experimente mit Pflanzen

Elektroenzephalografie EEG - Messung der elektrischen Aktivität des Gehirns

Elektrokardiogramm - Aufzeichung der elektrischen Aktivität aller Herzmuskeln

Elektrookulografie - Messung der Bewegung der Augen und der Veränderung des Ruhepotentials der Netzhaut

Open Source Med Tech Projects von Kopp (bitte an die richtige Stelle posten)

The Rapid Deployment Vaccine Collaborative (RaDVaC), Open Source Vaccine Platform,

OSMS, Open Source Medial Supplies Plattformn,

Open PCR,

Epi Pen,

OpenAps, Artifical Pancras System ,

Oxikit, Open Source Oxygengenerator,

Glifo, Custom Made Writing Aid,

More projects listen in the Fab Care network,

LoCHAid, Ultra-Low-Cost and Self-Fitting Hearing Aid,,LoCHAid%3A%20An%20Ultra%2DLow%2DCost%20and%20Self%2DFitting,related%20hearing%20loss%20(ARHL)

Like to hear,


Arduino - Open Source Elektronik Platform mit einfach zu bediender Hard und Software

TED Talk - Was ist ein Arduino mit Massimo Banzi

Arduino UNO Board

Arduino Einführung p.10-38


Inkscape – vector graphics editor

Audacity - Sound Editing Programme

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program

TinkerCad - create and print 3D models

Blender, open source 3D creation suite

123D family, Autodesk suit of tools

SolidWorks – comercial 3D CAD software,
available in FabLab Lucern

3D Reconstruction / Photomodeling


Earthworms Neuroscience

Syringe Hack

Open Source Culture / Commons Transition / P2P

What is a Commons Transition?
‘Commons Transition’ describes proposals for action that prioritize civil society’s needs, towards a more democratic and environmentally conscious culture. Constant economic growth produces negative impacts and the capture (enclosure) of scarce physical resources for private financial gain while abundant resources, such as information and culture, are made artificially scarce through legal limitations. A Commons Transition recommends P2P practices and networks for sharing what’s abundant, and protecting what’s scarce. Peer decision-making at many scales, and the emergence of municipalist political movements, are part of this transition.

The open source way
The open source way is about applying the principles of open source software development beyond software. Beyond technology. is about sharing how the open source way can change our world in the same way the open source model has changed software.

Open exchange
We can learn more from each other when information is open. A free exchange of ideas is critical to creating an environment where people are allowed to learn and use existing information toward creating new ideas.

When we are free to collaborate, we create. We can solve problems that no one person may be able to solve on their own.

Rapid prototyping
Rapid prototypes can lead to rapid failures, but that leads to better solutions found faster. When you're free to experiment, you can look at problems in new ways and look for answers in new places. You can learn by doing.

In a meritocracy, the best ideas win. In a meritocracy, everyone has access to the same information. Successful work determines which projects rise and gather effort from the community.

Communities are formed around a common purpose. They bring together diverse ideas and share work. Together, a global community can create beyond the capabilities of any one individual. It multiplies effort and shares the work. Together, we can do more.

Einführung auf Wikipedie "Offene Kultur" DE

Free Hardware and Free Hardware Designs, Richard Stallman

Understand OPEN SOURCE-MANUFACTURING in 30 minutes

What is Open Source explained in LEGO


Gute Quelle für Info zu Herztönen mit Beispielen und auch zum Lesen von EKGs


Soldering is easy

Fablabs, Hackerspaces and Universities

FabLab Luzern
Maschinen Anleitungen für das FabLab Luzen

Swiss FabLabs and global Networks

Global FabFoundation - facilitate and support the growth of the international fab lab network

FabAcademy - Learn to Turn Codes into Things

Hackerspaces - Was ist ein Hackerspace

List of ALL Hacker Spaces
Hackuarium - Open Biohacker Space in Lausanne (Renens)

Hackathon - a Hacking Marathon


Hackteria, Temporary Labs

Hackteria - Globales Netzwerk und Webplaform für Open Source Biological Art, DIY Biology, Generic Lab Equipement


HackteriaLab 2014 Yogyakarta

GaudiLabs - GaudiLabs are creative spaces for open research in open source culture technology.

LabMaking - Aufbau eines Labors

LabMaking - Eine Anleitung von Sachiko Hirosue & Urs Gaudenz

More Videos on Hackteria and related Projects

SENI GOTONG ROYONG: HackteriaLab 2014 - Yogyakarta

HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakakarta is a two-weeks making-oriented gathering of researchers, artists, scientists, academicians, hackers and whatevers in Yogyakarta. It was hosted by LIFEPATCH - citizen initiative in art, science and technology and co-organized together with HACKTERIA | Open Source Biological Art in collaboration with various regional partners. As a web and community platform, Hackteria tries to encourage scientists, hackers and artists to collaborate and combine their expertise, write critical and theoretical reflections, share simple instructions to work with life science technologies and cooperate on the organization of workshops, festival and meetings.

See the full 50' film HLab14-Documentary to learn more about such collaborative and transdisciplinary co-production laboratories

Open Source Estrogen: Housewives Making Drugs - Mary Maggic

Andere DIY und Medizintechnik Videos

Ethische Grenzen im Making

Machbarkeit im Making wird vornehmlich von physikalischen Gesetzen bestimmt. Doch wie sieht es mit ethischen Grenzen aus? Vor allem im Gesundheitsbereich stellt sich die Frage, ob alles das was reverse engineered und selbst gebaut werden kann tatsächlich auch von der maker community diesem Prozess unterzogen werden sollte. Über diese Frage diskutieren Steini und Seb (CADUS).

„Tut mir leid, alle von offiziellen Stellen geprüften und zertifizierten Medizingeräte sind kaputt, aber wir überwachen Sie während der OP einfach mit diesem selbst zusammengebauten open source Patienten-Monitor, kein Problem.“

Machbarkeit im Making wird vornehmlich von physikalischen Gesetzen bestimmt. Doch wie sieht es mit ethischen Grenzen aus? Vor allem im Gesundheitsbereich stellt sich die Frage, ob alles das was reverse engineered und selbst gebaut werden kann tatsächlich auch von der maker community diesem Prozess unterzogen werden sollte. Über diese Frage diskutieren Steini und Seb (CADUS).

P2P and Utopia | Based on Poem by Vasilis Kostakis 2008

FLOSS and Wikipedia are only some examples of the P2P movement that is building the world it wants within the confines of the fragmented world it wants to transcend.

More on The Commons Transition Primer