MedTechDIY20 DIY-MedTech Skillshare - Zombie Apokalypse - Greg Gage

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Thanks, Greg, for sharing your breakfast time with us!!

Screenshot from 2019-02-14 14-15-11.png

Greg Gage - Backyard Brains (VideoConf) | Part of Un-Conference Skill-share

  • Please prepare and give us a few specific questions about our experiences with the Backyard Brains tools / experiments / website.
  • Propose improvements or future experiments that you would like to contribute.

Live Call Feb 2020

We use Jitsi for the video call:

Screenshot Greg videocall.png

Questions and Ideas from Students 2020

  • What has this all to do with Zombies?



How to control someone else's arm with your brain | Greg Gage

As grad students at the University of Michigan, co-founders Tim and Greg often interacted with schoolchildren during neuroscience outreach events. We often wanted to show real "spiking" activity to students, but this was impossible due to the high cost of equipment. By using off-the-shelf electronics, we designed kits that could provide insight into the inner workings of the nervous system.

Go and look at their website! Backyard Brains - Neuroscience For Everyone!

Comments from Students from 2019

Are your products being used for medical diagnostics?

What was your motivation to develop your company?

How long did it take you to bring your first product on the market?

What is the most unconventional use of one of your products, you know of?

Where do you produce your products? And from where do you buy your parts?

Notes from Greg