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Residence [1] Fablab PlateformeC [www.plateforme-c.org] One of the topics or lines to explore Antropocene Or not ! PLASTICOCENE




organic movement and shape or organic creatures inside the body, was an idea that appears on mind time ago, reading this book [[2]] during a visit to a project close to Barcelona, suddenly we start with ElleFlane to prototyping some organic shapes to come back later to this idea into the context of Hackteria Lab 2014 where Pechblenda propose a sexology node together with Fred Kuang-Yi Ku, Cindy linn, Tamara and Budiarto It was a very fruitful collaboration with mixed results and and finally the chance to materialize the first part of the project; build dildos with microorganism shapes into silicone "Microorganismos for macro pleasure" continue reading here [[3]]

time after .,.,.,.,,. one year + o -

I decided to come back to this idea but with a new implementation that comes from researching and experimenting more about vaginal muscle training. This line of work is inspired by my recent collaboration into the replication of basic biohacking tools for the project GynePunk [[4]], experiments with the speculum and the activities from the ponpoarist Maria Percances, Klau Kinky, Diana Pornoterrorista's book Coño Potens and of course the great Annie Sprinkle's performance Public Cervix announcement.

The main idea is to continue with the soft motion inside the dildos, but now in a more specific way beyond pleasure, aiming also at what the toy can do for pelvic floor muscle training and how we can check the improvements of our muscles over time. Thus we will not only have a pleasure toy but even a training device for checking the improvements and in the near future develop game and interactive app through the internet. All of this It will be design with the new concept that was born building the last special hardware edition to hack science with Glamour. HArdglAm ( actually and hybrid associative concept that mix Hardware with Glamour.

Taking back all the tech-bio-autonomy. and thinking a lot into the text of Lynn Margulis that I had been presented into the reading group Calafou, when the topic was autonomy, this text open me more and more the idea to work from the autonomy to the body to the autonomy to the environmental; this text, the facts off know the potential of the coño and los coÑocimientos varios refuerzan la autonomía tecnologica que he ido adquiriendo por el camino durante los últimos tres años, de experimentar la vida Lab.,., cosmological interferences and many many ephemeral labs, interactions, faults, errors, ad essays ,,.,.,always trying to be autopoietic, eso si con Glamour ! ! ! Now after the Antropocene our friend DOnna Haraway would say Synpoietic. soooo

We will use the Urs's 3D design speculum to start making some experiments, including to use the web cam to check inside that is related with the endoscopy prototype that was done into Gynepunk residence at Hangar in May.

at the moment I'm collecting information and checking what is already at the market related with this idea to open and have a free vaginal training pleasure toy .,,.,.,..,.,

this was the first vibrator design


so excitedddddd ! ! ! ! !

first approach to the topic


Get to know your pelvis! The pelvis is the foundation of the body, and the core of your sexual system.

Standing up, put your hands on your hips and find the bones. These bones are the sides of your pelvis. If you trace those bones around to your back, you’ll find the arch of your iliac crest and then the two bones will meet in the middle at a triangular bone at the base of your spine. This is the sacrum, the back bone of your pelvis. Beneath the sacrum is a tiny tip of bones called the coccyx- where our tails would be if we humans still had them! Moving back around to the front, you can find the pubic bone which meets in the middle, underneath your belly button and above your genitals. This entire structure is your pelvis- the muscular and structural foundation of your entire body. The spine anchors in the pelvis, as do the legs.

continue reading


looking into internet first thing that I found was this Kegel tool for vaginal pelvic floor tonn

VAGINAL MUSCLE TRAINING models found into first research

Vaginal muscle, like any other muscle group, needs to be maintained and exercised to keep the area well toned and healthy.


- Improve your sexual enjoyment - Maintain vaginal health - Prevent or decrease urine leakage - Prevent vaginal wall weakness (prolapse)

We have found that using biofeedback is more helpful than simple Kegel exercises. Never do Kegels by stopping your urine flow as described by some. This is not effective and can in fact cause long term voiding problems. Biofeedback helps you focus on the correct muscles. Sometimes when you think that you are contracting or squeezing your vagina muscles, you are only squeezing your buttock (gluteal) muscles.

To use Biofeedback, you insert a dilator or candle all the way into your vagina. We recommend: - A soft vaginal dilator, non latex. This is available in our clinic in different sizes, easy to use and clean. The larger size comes with a vibrator attachment, which can be even more effective (and fun). - A regular, thick, long candle. - Wash the dilator or candle with soap and water each time.

The exercise program below will only be beneficial if done regularly. Effects will not be felt immediately, but can take 4-6 months.

At the beginning, please use the dilator or candle each time so that you can appreciate which muscles to contract (biofeedback). Eventually, you will only need to use the dilator or candle occasionally to remind you. You can eventually do these exercises while driving or even at a meeting. No one will know. Your smile will not give you away!

Follow this program 3 times / day:

1. Insert a dilator or a candle into your vagina. (Do not, under any circumstances, light the candle while it is in your vagina!) 2. Use your vaginal muscles to squeeze the dilator or candle for 10 to 15 seconds (count from 1001 to 1015). 3. Relax for 5 seconds. 4. Repeat the exercise 20 times. Good luck, and enjoy the benefits from your strong vaginal muscles

VAginalPelvicFloorMuscle [[6]]



Usefull information to replicate the Pelvic floor exerciser

When a muscle contracts, electrical activity is generated within the muscle which may be measured using electrodes placed on the surface of the skin. This electrical signal is usually in the order of up to 3,000 micro volts and is referred to as electromyography or EMG.

Biometrics Ltd offer a technologically advanced yet cost effective range of EMG display and data capture systems offering both full portability and real time display and analysis options.

Biometrics sensors and instrumentation are used extensively in the fields of ergonomics, sports science and medical research where measurements of surface EMG are commonly taken for a wide range of applications such as:

Symmetry studies during gait Timing data in Biomechanics Work done and fatigue studies

Work environment and tool design Sports performance Neuro Rehabilitation

Education Veterinary Science

Biometrics Ltd precision bipolar, differential EMG sensors are available in two versions - the SX230 has integral electrodes with a fixed electrode distance of 20mm and the SX230FW that uses disposable electrodes and has a variable electrode distance. Ninety percent of Biometrics Ltd customers use the SX230.

more details from this other one ! !

Product Description

•Touch screen technology

• Stimulation on the Primo Multidyne 970 includes Interferential (2 and 4-pole), Russian, Diadynamic, TENS, Sinusoidal, Faradic, Galvanic, Interrupted Galvanic, Trabert, Medi-Wave, Microcurrent and S/D curve

• Three carrier frequencies – 2kHz, 4kHz and 8kHz

• Vector facility

• 0-100mA peak constant current or 0-70/140V peak constant voltage, depending upon mode

• Treatment protocols: Pain relief, Oedema, Stimulate local blood flow, OA Knee, Chronic low back pain, Acute low back pain, Fibromyalgia, Trigger points, Post operative knee pain, Fracture healing, Stress incontinence, Urge incontinence, Constipation (children)

• 2 independent output channels which allows 2 different treatments

• Operates in conjunction with EMS vacuum unit if required

• Easy wipe clean reducing the risk of cross-infection

• Mains powered as standard, optional battery available

f03: Galvanic Apparatus.From left to right: Emil Stöhrer’s zinc–carbon (or zinc–platinum) battery, universal electrode handle with ivory interrupter, metallic electrodes of various sizes, and sponge electrode with long handle. Stöhrer (1813–1890) was a noted scientific instrument maker, who established a shop in Dresden specifically for electrotherapeutic equipment. Figure source: Beard & Rockwell, 1871.48

taking the first decisions

print a speculum

We are printing the Speculum at PlateformeC and also designing this other tool that look better for mechanical trainning of PFM (pelvic floor muscle)

printed speculum

buy A Pelvic floor Trainer

I decided to spend some money to buy this one to have references about the Amperes and Frequencies

TENS (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation): a small battery powered electronic device used for the treatment of pain. An electrode attaches to the skin near the painful area and sends a signal to the brain that competes with “pain signals” from the painful area, resulting in less perception of pain by the brain. These devices do not treat the cause of the pain, but decreases the brain’s sensation of the pain.

REV-eRse-x engineering

* replicate the device, through the study of the Amperes & voltage specifications goal: to improve the performance of the final prototype


Advice 1

I am currently near of a high level of speculative science performance, I'm reading, checking and studying and this information to come back with a new hybrid device to enjoy with pleasure and care with play. the information that you see is not totally checked, don trust in what uou read, we don need that at the moment.,.,., this is a blind process, raw meat, re discovering old technologies to solve old and still current aches.,.,,. if you have suggestions write an email to pin@riseup.net welcome to the KaosOffology

sorry for the kaos I'm using the wiki to put all into the first page for organize better into the next days

day to day documentation now completely immerse into biofeedback and electrostimulation

here some other links :


[Relaxing Rhythms Personal Edition Wild Divine Biofeedback Meditation BNIB]


[9] [ http://www.biometricsltd.com/semg.htm?gclid=CNuGvc_th8YCFSoEwwodaGYA8w]

day 12 :

dimanche solticie a Nantes

1-   modélisation 3D pour le prototypage d'un exerciseur des muscles vaginaux
2-  organiser et documenter HardGlam spéciale pechblende matériel édition Avec glamour à gynepunk
3- écrit quota du personnel pour hackteria texte

day 11 : saturday, finally I find some relaxed time after this week full of tries, and researching; so with some more knowledge about electroestimulation I decided to give myself a first experience.


is recomended don start with to much mA ( miliampers ) so I tunned the device to 30 mA during 20 minutes,also the time recomended, as the muscle needs rest the program turns on an of automaticly

day 10 :

nice resource for medical images : 


and the ones for Pelvic floor muscle :


day 9 :

day 8 : mix working .,,.,.,. xtruder materials, buying and starting to print and design speculum and PFM ( pelvic floor muscle ) trainner. folloving this model here


Sachico just post this othe interesting resource on facebook [http://www.higozuiki.com/shopping/productView.php?id=HZ-18 ]

day 6 :

Cindy Linn just send me this nice link where there is a complete description of the tools that Mdura were using to [ http://indonesiaexpat.biz/featured/the-big-squeeze/] [https://books.google.cz/books?id=4Td0t9u-CmAC&pg=PA192&lpg=PA192&dq=goyang%20goyang%20madura&source=bl&ots=sxBA1LsWKH&sig=I8nENJR9NHrUl4t2s9_Od_T4_MI&hl=cs&sa=X&ved=0CGIQ6AEwCzgKahUKEwiC5bXc24zGAhXmwHIKHfBeA7o#v=onepage&q=goyang%20goyang%20madura&f=false ] Cindy Lin and Agus Tri Budiarto workshop about DIY natural lubricants [http://squatandgrow.wikidot.com/diy-lubrikasi-workshop ] As I am now more into the task to make the movement ans the electronics inside the prototype I'm not taking care so much about the exterior part, but thinking that this It will be needed for thinking all the design together [10]

day 5 :

COOL cool I was thinking that they only refers the exercise for the PFM( pelvic floor muscle to urine incontinence and now I'm happy to read this ones.

Do women with stronger pelvic floor muscles experience better sex? Do they feel more pleasure during sexual activity and have more orgasms? The evidence suggests they do!

The pelvic floor is a large hammock of muscles and fascial or elastic tissue creating the floor of the pelvis in both women and men. It is attached to the pubic bone in front, and to the tailbone behind. The openings from the bladder, the bowels and, for women, the vagina, all pass through the pelvic floor. There are a number of muscles and layers that together make up this pelvic floor sling. Many women are aware that they should exercise these pelvic floor muscles but very few do it regularly and successfully. Most women who have had children will have been advised on the importance of pelvic floor exercise to restore muscle tone after childbirth, and muscle strengthening was identified as an appropriate treatment for stress urinary incontinence back in the 1950s. It was during the development of an exercise program for urinary incontinence that an interesting side effect was observed by Dr Arnold Kegel, the originator of these exercises. He claimed that women doing his exercises were finding it easier to reach more frequent and more intense orgasms. To understand why, consider what happens in your body when you experience an orgasm: - Your heart pumps faster and your breathing gets heavier to fuel those tensing muscles. - Hormones are pumped round your brain and body, telling you this is fun. - Blood is pumped to your genitals to create the tension that will ultimately trigger a pudendal reflex (muscular spasm of the genitals). - That reflex will result in your pelvic floor muscles contracting between five and 15 times at 0.8-second intervals. This is an orgasm as we know it

continue reading [11]

and also exercise to prevent your prostata cancer here :

Millions of men suffer from pelvic pain and related dysfunction annually. While discomfort and pain are defining characteristics, men can also experience associated sexual and urinary problems. For many years the prostate was (and often still is) wrongly assumed to be the source of the pain and dysfunction - a view that has repeatedly been disproved by medical research. The vast majority of cases are not caused by the prostate gland, and are therefore more accurately called Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) rather than Chronic Prostatitis (CP). Drugs and surgery have largely failed to alleviate symptoms or address the cause.


day 3 : last week was thinking that there is no so much devices to take care about vaginal training and two days ago I get a nice surprise, there is a big collection of devices to make training and also to check if your muscles perform some improvement.

electrostimulation is a big topic


mechanical trainning also


Atlantic genetic theraphy

gOALs Objectives and difractions

  • Increase self-anatomical knowledge trough pleasure & biomedical research
  • Generate accesible tools and technics to enhance muscle trainer to improve orgams and keep the
  • Developed a Kit of tools for a basic and functional mobile