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The General assembly 2016 of the International Hackteria Society will be held as part of a gathering in Schloss Solitude. Yashas Shetty is hosting the gathering as part of his residency in the Akademie Schloss Solitude.

Preparational Documents

IHS#General_Assembly_2015_(August_2016) and see the annual report IHS - Annual Report 2015.

Preparations for the meeting on this google docs

List of all the workshops

Hackteria Redeployment Plan

Protocol of Assembly



The gathering will take place from 15-19th August. The official General assembly 2016 will be held on Friday August 19th. For the detailed agenda see below.


The meeting is mandatory for board members of the International Hackteria Society and open to hackteria network people and guests. The gathering will allow visitors to learn about future plans of hackteria and give them the opportunity for actively participation.


  • Yashas Shetty

Akademie Schloss Solitude near Stuttgart.


  • Marc Dusseiller | tuesday 17-20. August
  • Urs Gaudenz | tuesday 17-20. August
  • TeZ aka Maurizio Martinucci | Wednesday 17-20. August


  • Cindy Lin - confirmed (arrives late night on friday) 19-20. August

Remote Meetings with Friends

  • Eugenio Battaglia - very short and on the road
  • Robertina Sebjanic
  • Sachiko Hirosue


  • Boris Magrini - in contact
  • Marko Peljhan - in contact
  • Mary Tsang - confirmed time tba


  • Pei-Wen Liu (cancelled)
  • Tobias Hoffmann (cancelled)
  • Sachiko Hirosue (cancelled)
  • Andreas Rudolf (cancelled)
  • Heidy Baggenstos (cancelled)
  • Stefan Deuber (busy)
  • Günther Seyfried (cancelled)

Agenda for the Gathering

Pre Phase

Monday August 15th / 16th 2016

  • Discuss Website migration
  • Individual preparations
  • Preparing documents

Chill In

Wednesday August 17th 2016

  • Arrival of the participants.
  • Moving in the rooms
  • Checking out the castle
  • Setting up the space
  • Become distracted, euphoric, or disoriented


Thursday August 18th 2016

Preparatory discussions

Friday August 19th 2016

TeZ on various interests in energy

IMG 20160819 150202 HDR.jpg

Gaudi's overview of network activity 2015/16

TeZ on his practice in sound and space, sensorium and perception

dusjagr's review of his research 2001-2006 on bridging engineering and cell biology

Yashas and the activities at (art)Science Bangalore


Geeking out sonically

Expedition to Stuttgart


  • Chill out
  • more discussions about the website

Formal Part - General Assembly

  • Welcome
  • define protocol writer
  • Introduction of IHS (International Hackteria Society) to members present & discussion
  • Accept protocoll of 2014
  • Overview of activities 2015
  • Finances 2015
  • changes to the constitution?
  • election of president
  • election of board
  • concrete topics

See Protocol_of_GV-Solitude_2016

Things to Bring

  • laser
  • liquids
  • synthesizers
  • lab stuff

After Meeting-Meeting in Switzerland

25 - 29. August 2016, see Völlig Übertriibe