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Ganzfield perception navigation This is a modified experiment from the 70s and with can be used as a great icebreaker activity for building trust. Its also a perfect starter for activities regarding perception in fish and thinking about no visual ways of perceiving the world.

The Ganzfeld effect is a Specific form of perceptual deprivation, exposing the eyes to a total homogenous field of uniform light. This method was used by the FBI to enhance remote viewing, inwardly generated images. The technique involved Lying down with strong light directed at the ping-pong ball covered eyes, listening to white noise for long lengths of time, while an image was transmitted mentally by someone in an adjacent room.

Ganzfeld experiment.JPG


  • Medical tape [or any available tape such as masking tape]
  • Ping-Pong balls
  • Sharp craft knife.

Method Whist explaining the activity prepare the Ping-Pong balls, cut in half to create a hemispheres, and be very careful of your fingers as the tend to slide around.

Participants pair up and then agree on a sound which one will use to guide the other around the space while they have the ping-pong balls taped over their eyes. This might be a clicking noise or the sound of a spoon hitting a tea cup.

Once the hemispheres are taped over eyes you should experience total unified visual field immersion. In this state one perceives a homogenous field of light, or if moving around a space sees only change in brightness and subtle colours.

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Thanks to Bojan Bojan Markicevic and Marc Dusseiller |- |Project 58: Ganzfeld experiment