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Starting Summer 2019

This is an addition to the activities around HLabX, which part 10 years anniversary of Hackteria, part another edition of HackteriaLab (maybe in Taiwan), part rethinking what Hackteria could become over the coming 10 years.

From the original ideas of the GLocal Residency Programme we shifted towards the concept of Fellows. We hope to develop this into a long term collaborative network of peers and advisors for future programmes, artistic research, workshopology, learning environments and projects.

Typically a fellow could be chosen through an open call around a topic, location and/or event of a “thing” which hackteria is involved in coordinating/organizing/participating.

The fellow stays a fellow over a period of eg. 18 months to contribute to other projects/events happening later, rejoin for a larger gathering such as a HackteriaLab and/or it’s dissemination, and serve as future peer for the growing group of fellows.

HLabX Fellow Shih Wei Chieh

Abao in GaudiLabs micro-Residency

Abao MakingIsALifestyle.jpg

Documentation coming soon...

10 tracks, 10 jackets, 1 album


Woven actinometer for quantum

Potassium ferrioxalate3.jpg Potassium ferrioxalate1.jpg Potassium ferrioxalate5.jpg Potassium ferrioxalate6.jpg

HLabX Jogja Meeting

HLabX JogjaBanner.jpg

HLabX Kick-Off Trip - Taiwan-Jogja

ConceptNotes Toru 01.jpgAAB schedulding.jpg

How to become a HLabX Fellow?

Notes on the Fellows Programme, darfting on gdoc.