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General Overview

Not too much... download funding application to migros File:Hackteria_MigrosKulturprozent2015_final_MD.pdf (in German). To be presented and completed for GV-Solitude 2016.


International Projects

BioCommons meeting in Berlin

January 2016.
Gathering on the topic of Digital Biology in Temporary lab at Kühlhaus, Berlin . Participants from OpenDrop, DigiBio, BioFlux discussing developments and roadmap on open science hardware and wetware collaboration. Public event at Spectrum, Space for Art and Science.

ZKM cancelled Workshops

January 2016.

CNSX – California Nano Sonification Xperience

February 2016.

Gathering for Open Science Hardware - GOSH 2016

March 2016.
We Co-Organized the 2016 edition of GOSH, a global gathering to bring together people interested in making scientific hardware open. The meeting with 50 participants marked the beginning of an ongoing collaboration among hackers, tinkerers, artists, scientist and engineers with the aim of establishing open science hardware as part of the open science movement. A manifesto on open science hardware was drafted and later published.

Wia wuörn scho imma Biohäckr, Munich

March 2016.

Interactivos?16, Madrid

June 2016
Marc is Mentoring the 2016 Edition of Medialab Interactivos. Participants Mary Maggic, Paula Pin, Andreas Siagian from the Hackteria Network are invited a Collaborators. Urs Gaudenz had a keynote speak on the topic of "Imitation is the sincerest form of flatteryflattery". Urs was acknowledged "last" founder of Hackteria.

Solitude Gathering & GV, August 2016

August 2016


Hackteria's Empathetic Taxidermia Lab, Helsinki

September 2016

Hackteria joins MultispeQ v1.0 Workshop by PhotosynQ – Michigan

Oktober 2016

AstroBio and DIY microscopes @ K_Space, Kathmandu

Oktober 2016

BYOP - P.O.S.T. Hackathon, Nabi Art Center, Seoul

November 2106

Hackteria @ MFRU/Kiblix Festival

November 2016

The Laboratory | Akademie Schloss Solitude – Dec 2016

Decembver 2016


Projects in Switzerland

BioHacking meets Citizen Science, Bern

January 2016

HTGAA final Project by GaudiLabs

February 2016

Denisa Kera giving a Keynote at Future Forum Lucern

March 2016. Invited by the CreaLab of University Lucern, Denisa Kera gives a well received Key Note on the topic of " " to the annual Conference with this years topic of "Empowerment Re-Visited”.
In a sponatanous session at GaudiLabs, Denisa and Urs started the project "Queen Bittie".
For a common dinner, Bengt Sjolen and Sachiko Hirosue joined.

The Hydra Project - Kuai Shen @ Sonnenstube, Lugano

March 2016 http://diesonnenstube.ch/post/the-hydra-project-kuai-shen-viral-ecologies

Randen Session

March 2016
Iyok, Stahl, Urs

Hackteria meets Dada

April 2016
Hackteria and Center for Alternative Coconut Research friends visit the "Aluminium Hats" workshop as part of the 100 Dada celebrations

Randen Session

May 2016
Mary, Ucok, Michael

Veli & Amos visit GaudiLabs

May 2016
Special guests Veli Silver and Amos Angeles visit GaudiLabs to discuss the MixTape NextLevel collaboration. The design of a special Veli & Amios MixTape "Boom Box Style" was defined and later produced in a small batch.

Fostering Duckweed – From Urine to Protein, by Baggenstos/Rudolf

July 2016

Randen Session

August 2016
With Cindy, Andrew Q, and friends


Leuchtendes Holz

Citizen Science Netzwerk Schweiz

January 2016.
Workshop "Biohacking Meets Citizen Science" with presentations and Workshop for the participants. We tried to extract DNA from spit and test for the "Geek Gen" SMIP. Special guests.

PCR @ BioTehna

Hardware Projects and Labology

5 years of turbidity meter geeking… and now this!

New GitHub


Online Presence and Media

Related Projects


End of the year accounts:

Accounts 30 dez16.jpg

Total Production Costs

Financial Contributions

  • Hackteria: Migros Kulturprozent, left overs from 2015... mostly spent during Sonnenstube event. 1000 from Sonnenstube.
  • Coconuts: Spent it all... payments to stahl and everything done by june 2016.
  • Payments from Pro Helvetia, via pixelache, ca 2500CHF. Some cash via Nabi, S.Korea, 800CHF. Reimbursement and fee from make munich, 1500CHF. Payments from ZKM workshop, 3000. Reimbursements from GOSH, 500.