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J'aime is a discussion on appropriate and interdiscplinary maker eduction. we are aiming at critically reflect on our methods and improve through interdisciplinary collaborations.

4093 bw-frame.png

Reflections on the "NANDSYNTH" workshop


Mentor: Tuomo Tammenpää (website/contact?)

Facilitator Team: whole dimension+ team

Observations: dusjagr


Website: https://github.com/kimitobo/nandsynth (Was that shared to the participants? More info on workshop material?)

Timeframe: 2 h, from 14:00 - 16:00, Saturday afternoon

Cultural Background: Tuomo is Finnish, speaks very fluent english, constant translation into chinese by I-Chern and all other facilitators

Short Info


Nandsynth is an educational DIY kit for solar-powered electronic sound experiments. The participants learn the basics of electronic sound synthesis and using solar energy instead of batteries. The participants are also introduced to electronic prototyping with a breadboard and components to the level of continuing the experiments after the workshop.


Approx 12 kids (age around 8-12? some even younger?) with their parent, some other people form the science museum...

Space & Materials


Material preparations

Inspirational prototypes

Info-Material and Hand-outs

Related Projects

The Classic! Nic Collins Handmade Electronic Music

NicCollings on 4093.png

Kinda for download here



Lemonster is an educational DIY kit packaged as monster toy instrument. Lemonster teaches very basics of two phenomena 1) electrolysis in generating small electric voltage and 2) synthesizing sound with the electricity using simple analogue electronic components. Metal electrodes in fruit or vegetable like lemon or potato power the sound circuit on breadboard. Lemonster is open design and all parts apart from the electronic components and metals can be made with 3D printer. Lemonster was developed for Prototyping Factory workshops in Taiwan National Science Education Center, hosted by Dimension+in Taipei, Taiwan October 2015.

Lemonster TW.jpg

We also discussed and reflected on J'aime Lemonster during our session in Taipei.

dusjagr on bioelectronix and making noise circuits

Cyber DIY / DIWO Elektro-Chemikaal Introduction


ElectroChemicalIntro hotglue.png

SGMK's Micro-Noise



MicroNoise bestuckungsplan.png


IMG 3149 (640x480).jpg


Used for introduction of Nanotechnology, Microfabrication, Photolithography, designing your own electrodes and make the PCB.

more about it also here: Group 4 - MAKE - Philip as part of NanoHacking-UNILI.

also used to introduce participants in breadboarding and reading schematics.

4093 sajica schematic.jpg

Further developed as "Open Source Wurstware" for the first Wurstware Freedom Day: Widerstand durch Wurstware.

Wurstware preview featured.jpg



... and cos it's really funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVlOlL3BmgQ


PIFcamp Plant Analyzer is a modification of the NanoSmano circuit, using SMD parts, very small. participant can design part of the circuit by hand, etching and making. can be used to sonify the resistance of a plant, and many other things.

PIFcamp plant-Analyzer.jpg

PIFcamp circuit Jesus.png

MadLab Circuits

MadLab 4093circuit Masks.png

Download Mask: File:MadLab_circuit_erlen_smd.pdf

Werde Teil des Gesamtwiderstandes

werdeteildesgesamtwiderstandes is a very simple analog synthesizer based on a resistor-capacitor pair as feedback loop to an inverter ic. werde teil des gesamtwiderstandes is an instruction that means become part of the integral resistance.

Workshops by Christian Faubel and Ralf Schreiber, the masters workshopologists on DIY electronics and robotics. Christian was also doing the Disco Robot in Taipei... (http://derstrudel.org/pdfs/workshop_small.pdf)


See other stuff by them from our session in Ljubljana.

Fish_simulator BrainHack circuit

Again the use of a 4093 NAND oscillator as a Brain-hacking circuit. 2 blinking LEDs are controlled by skin resistance. See more here on the wiki.

Fish2BrainHack simulator v2.jpg

Brain hack glasses.jpg


Mosscillator by Stefanie Wuschitz or general 4093 resistance-noise-toys, download File:HomeMade bioelectronics mosscillator.pdf chapter Mosscillator from Homemade Bioelectronic Art book. See more about Book: Homemade Biological Art (and download the full book...)

Mosscillator stefanie.png

4093 T-shirt


dusjagr & pin | postgender body-hacks

Electronic performativity and vibrant matter

Keywords: do-it-yourself, DIY electronic circuits, do-it-with-others, brain hacks, body hacks, cyborg interfaces, LED-in-Ear, dream machines, noise.

Workshop at DanseFestival Barents 2014

Img 4791.jpg