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  • A3 color posters - PRINT AND ATTACH
  • 2 projector beams (ZKM)

Xtra Senses

Magnetic Finger (m)

  • super small super magnets
  • Band aid - tape (micropore) (š-have some)
  • set-up to detect electricity (power cable under sheet of paper) (m)

Bio-Accoustic Ear

  • cardboard (š)
  • stapler (incl. staples ammo) (ZKM)
  • elastic band (š)


Disco-on-a-Fingertip (m)

  • 3V CR2025 flat battery
  • various LED, coloured
  • RGB blinky LEDs
  • electric wire

Creature of a New World

  • color paper (š & ZKM)
  • scissors (ZKM)
  • staplers (ZKM)
  • elastic band (š)
  • balloons (š)
  • wires(š)
  • strings (š)
  • glue (ZKM)
  • various tapes (š)
  • feathers (š)
  • miscellaneous (š)
  • pantyhose (š)
  • aluminum foil (š)

Alternative Energy

Photosynthetic Skin

  • sodium alginate (NaAlg) (š)
  • calcium chloride (CaCl2) (m/š)
  • micro-algae (Chlorella) (š)
  • brush (š)
  • plastic containers/bowls (m/ZKM)
  • spoon/stirrers (ZKM)
  • plastic pasteur pipettes (š)
  • water
  • petri dishes (š)
  • microscope (m) attached to projector (ZKM) for checking out the animalga and Chlorella
  • Convoluta roscoffensis culture (I hope they live)... they don't look so well at the moment (š)
  • scale (m)

Proposed Workflow 2h session

INTRODUCTION (15 - 20 min):

  • who we are, who they are (are name tags necessary?)
  • what is a human? name your body parts. what do we use them for? intended to open an associative field - senses (ears, eyes, skin, nose), limbs (what for), organs (mouth/stomach, lungs, muscles,bones, brain)
  • what is a body hack? MODIFICATIONS, AUGMENTATIONS (add-ons), ACCESSORIES -- check posters for inspiration
  • goal of workshop -- hack, change and accessorise your body --> INTRODUCE that in the end, you will have to present the collection of augmentations you have and what you could now do with them that you couldn't do before


  • sensing electricity (MacBook experiment)/sensing magnetic fields (birds can do it)/sensing ferromagnetic metals (we can't)
  • magnet on a a fingertip -- experiment with sensing electricity/various materials
  • add-on - seeing in the dark (like cats) -- an LED on the finger

BODYMODD (30 min)

  • adaptations to different ENVIRONMENTS/SITUATIONS -- animal slide show from (projector) -- morphology/ senses/ fashion=sexual selection;
  • pick an environment/situation and envision a body modification that suits that environment (as inspiration perhaps have environment slide-show in the background -- sewer, city, dessert, ice, moon)
  • make it!!



  • what to plants do? make food from sun, produce oxygen
  • look at chlorella using microscope on projector
  • introduce the photosynthetic worm - animal/alga -- look at it on the projector and in centrifuge tubes
  • use chlorella + alginate to make mock photosynthetic skin


  • each kid tells how about their changes/improvements


Spela says...

  • plastic petri dishes (š only a few)
  • glass slides!!! (m)
  • scale (m)
  • centrifuge tubes (15 mL) (š)
  • tweezers (m)
  • glass beaker for weighing NaOH/KOH (m)
  • plastic pipettes (š))
  • canola oil (š)
  • olive oil (š)
  • NaOH, KOH (š)
  • microscope w/ timelapse possibility (m)
  • acetone (š)
  • paper towels (ZKM)
  • gloves (m)

dusjagr brings

see (š)/(m)/(ZKM)... i presume it's self-explanatory :D

ZKM provides

Old Lists

Main Used Materials

(group with subtitles)

General Tools

  • paper & pencils
  • scissors
  • various tapes
  • aluminum foil
  • kitchen paper towel

Bio-Accoustic Ear

  • cardboard
  • stapler (incl. staples ammo)
  • elastic band

Magnetic Finger

  • super small super magnets
  • Band aid - tape (micropore)


  • 3V CR2025 flat battery
  • various LED, coloured
  • RGB blinky LEDs
  • electric wire

Photosynthetic Skin

  • Sodium Alginate (NaAlg)
  • Calcium Chloride (CaCl2)
  • micro-Algae (artemia-mix)
  • brush
  • containers
  • water (hot)

Infrastructure needed

  • laser-printer for transparencies
  • General tools for making, cutters, tape, scissors, pliers etc...
  • Hot Glue
  • (Soldering Irons)

Labware that should be there anyway

  • General labware, glass beakers, plastic ware
  • General lab instruments, stirrer, balances
  • 50 ml centrifuge (eg. Falcon) tubes
  • eppendorf tubes 1.5 ml
  • plastic pipettes
  • plastic containers, IKEA staayle
  • goggles
  • gloves

to buy/order

  • 50 mw 532nm Green Laser Module
  • Lenses
  • H2O2 15% - 30%
  • DVD-R 3-4 discs to break/hack
  • cuvettes multipack. details will follow
  • access to a laser-cutter / FabLab to prepare the spectrophotometer kit?

dusjagr brings

  • (Silver Nitrate)
  • electronics for Vive-la-Resistance
  • PCB material
  • NaSO4
  • NaOH
  • UV lamp?
  • aerogel
  • plastic syringes