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08.-27. June 2020 BadLab network joins Gessneralle Zurich in collaboration with Piksel and Hackteria.


BadLab is a non hierarchical collective and network of Womxn exploring speculative and collaborative practices at the intersection of craft, art and science. Members have been digging into the diverse ecology offered by exchange and cooperation, investigating plant knowledge, female practices and mystical approaches through cooking, workshops and presentations.

Founded in 2018 by Lisa Biedlingmeier, Anne-Laure Franchette and Maya Minder, with Corinna Mattner and Paloma Ayala. Occasionnal participants have included Emilia Giudicelli, Gregoire Paultre, Aida herJ, Sandra Bu and Aniara Rodado.

Piksel Fest Spill 2020

Bergen, Norwey 22nd May - 21th June | @Studio207 | @Piksel Cyber Salon

Exhibition COPY/PASTE

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-01 um 11.54.53.png
The exhibition COPY/PASTE features the work of nine artists and art collectives who all incorporate copying as a core aspect of their work. Taking the form of a physical exhibition at Piksel Studio 207, an online exhibition at Piksel Cyber Salon, a hybrid workshop and a lecture, the exhibition aims to show that copying is natural, an exhibition to re-think the way we create/share/copy and paste. Along with the exhibition, Piksel is also presenting a DIY bio-art program, the “DIY or die - Plant Printing Workshop” on the topic of colouring fabrics with wild herbs and the toxic impact of the textile industry. The “Worship - Dinner Performance” joins performers from Zurich, Kazakhstan and Bergen. It is based on an exchange of food, gesture, rhythm and sensuality threw to an online meeting tool like zoom, jitsi, skype, etc. It is a tangible stretch towards how sensuality is perceived in the digital realm threw media. Due to the travel restrictions brought by COVID-19, these two events will take part at Piksel Spill Fest remotely, from the virtual space, with base in Gessnerallee Zurich.
Piksel Fest Spill is also premiering the Piksel Cyber Salon, a 3D virtual space where the audience can enjoy a Cyber experience through the virtual activities. Piksel Cyber Salon intends to bring new realms to the boring but necessary digital telepresence. Designed by the Mexican artist Malitzin Cortés, Piksel Cyber Salon will be the Piksel Fest Spill neuralgic hub.
Livecoding Live coding is a performance practise that revolves around the creation and modification of code and algorithms in real-time. This kind of events are also called ALGORAVE, joining the words algorithm and rave. The 29th of May we welcome the artists Antonio Roberts and Alex McLean and their live audiovisual performance, taking place in parallel at the Studio 207 and the Cyber Salon.

Artists COPY/PASTE COPY/PASTE featured artists: Carol Breen (IR), Constant (BE), LoVid (US), Lorna Mills (CA), Matthew Plummer-Fernandez + Julien Deswaef, Duncan Poulton (UK), Eric Schrijver (NL), Peter Sunde (FI)


Piksle Spill festival has been inivited to Ars Electronica 2020 online contribution within their morzillahub cabergarden. [[ ]]

Hackteria @ Piksel

Hackteria / BadLAB participants: Maya Minder and Corinna Mattner, Zurich. QWAS artists: Dana Iskakova and Takhir Yakyharov, Kazakhstan and with the the collaboration of Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Bergen.

DIY or die - Plantprinting Workshop

13th June 11-17h
Unfinished Bussiness small SK 030619 12.jpg

DIY or DIE Is an transdisciplinary workshop on the topic of coloring fabrics with wild herbs. The toxic impact of the textile industry is the starting point of this workshop. Together we will learn the old technique of dyeing with natural dyes that we find in our neighborhood. The Workshop will be held mutually in Bergen, NW and Zurich, CH under the guidance of a local assistant and threw a virtual meeting with the BadLab project based in Zurich and working at the Theater house Gessneralle during the Naked Transition Project. We will dye fabrics of silk and cotton ourselves, go foraging for wild herbs and work with poisonous substances in small quantities - poisonousness is always a question of dose (Paracelsus) - investigating the toxic side effects of the textile industry. This workshop is a lot about the playful approach of learning and unlearning, we will follow the art of dyeing by means of DIYbio methods and old knowledge about plant dye and natural coloring. We use plants to dye fabrics and create unpredictable design and patterns. In the framework of the theme of the exhibition „naked transition the aspect of empowerment by DIY and community based work is celebrated threw the moment of liberation - Just do it and Do it with Others. Embroidery hoops stand as a symbol of the time we save, which we take as free time by growing beyond the collective stick tradition of manual work, no longer embroidering the fabric with rules and slogans, but use nature itself, its signs leaves to create traces of stories.

Worship - Dinnnerperformance

IMG 20200201 174133.jpg

11th June 20-21h
Worship is a dinner performance created by Maya Minder in collaboration with Almaty based artists Dana Iskakova and Takhir Yakyharov. The Performance is based on an exchange of food, gesture, rhythm and sensuality threw online meeting tool like zoom, jitsi, skype, etc. It is a tangible stretch towards how sensuality is perceived in the digital realm threw media. Elements of #asrm (autonomous sensory meridian response) the tickling sounds of whisper or crumbling paper, walking on snow or stroking hair combined with the elements of new media trend of #mukbang (Korean word for food space) the eating in front of audience recorded with detailed sounds, is probed and performed during a mutual dinner happening. The audience is invited to partake or just to relax and concentrate on the chatter and talk during the food. People are served with umami-rich food, so to give a physical layer of sensual perception emphasized threw food and audio-visual experience. Worship is connecting Bergen, Zurich, Almaty and ST.Petersbourg in cyberspace. Artists: Maya Minder, Dana Iskakova, Takhir Yakyharov,

Piksel Fest Spill 2020 is supported by the Municipality of Bergen, Arts Council Norway and ProHelvetia and Gessnerallee Zurich.

From web to print

IMG 20200618 182712.jpg

Workshop with Lucie Haute
Thursday, June 18th, 13-18.00

In a process of technological emancipation from licenced software, this workshop will be an initiation to design jointly web and printed forms with open source resources and web technologies. Web to print technic consist of creating pdf output from a web browser, it is graphical compositions in html and css. To do this, we have to dive into the code and languages of the web and will introduce free, open source and collaborative technologies. Technical need: your computer + instal a text editor adapted to code (like Sublime Text or Atom You can bring with you some content you’d like to work on (title, 3 or 4 paragraph of text, credits, pictures, emoji) or use some provided. Coding skills is not demanded. Look up Lucile Haute's fabulous work on Cyber Witches here: [[ ]]

Shine on you Crazy Diamond

IMG 20200619 183249.jpg

Hackteria Workshop on Chocolote Printing
Friday, June 19th, 15-18h
Life is at its best when sweet. The Hackteria Kitchenlab will introduce the merging of DIY technologies into kitchen practises. Chocolate as a starting point will be the subject of malicious seduction and postcolonial discourses. Share your layman's knowledge to approach the different aggregates of liquid, solid and gasified (?) of a floating, melting, sweet world of chocolate. Sinful seductions as the perfect approach into lifescience will be our starting point. This afternoon is kids friendly, chaotic and wild.

Caldo de Cultivo // Breeding Ground - Zine Workshop

Workshop by Paloma Ayala, Anne-Laure Franchette, PlanteSorcières – Caterina Giansiracusa / Andrea Herrera Poblete
Wednesday, 25th of June, 1pm-6pm
Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-19 um 02.05.29.png

Join us for a day of self-cultivation which will investigate processes of hybridization, bastardization and contamination. By metaphorically breeding grounds and contaminating soups with the plants that make up the best broth, we will ask ourselves how things stick and stay together. We will share our individual practices, mix them on a collective table, and create one Caldo-de-Cultivo-zine with many voices. Come to explore with us literally and symbolically, the local soils and plants through techniques of printing, collage, writing and photocopying. Drop in workshop! Feel free to join anytime, between 1pm and 6pm

Paloma Ayala (MX/CH) is a visual artist based in Zurich. She often makes fanzines and zine-making workshops as part of her practice. She places importance in questions of collectivity, communication, solidarity, and womxn narratives.

Anne-Laure Franchette (FR/CH) is an artist with a background in Humanities. Her sculptural practice deals with urban nature, the circulation of plants, industrial materials and hidden narratives. Informed by DIY practices, ecologies of care, self organisation and representation, she created the ZASG, a guide of alternative art spaces and initiatives in Zurich; VOLUMES, a festival promoting art publishing practices, along with its accompanying archive. She is also a member of the interdisciplinary research and curatorial group TETI.

PlanteSorcières is a project born from the meeting of two artists Andrea Herrera (CL) and Caterina Giansiracusa (IT), who decided to start a dialogue between their practices to make visible and share forgotten stories and persecuted knowledge, understanding the act of transmission as an act of resistance and the process of sharing as a way of survival.

Cacao - The Mayan Food of the Gods. The Food for the Shift.

Silvia Studerus and Lisa Biedlingmaier
25th of June, 6-8pm

We meet in an integral, sacred space and drink together the ceremonial cacao. The nourishing and heart-opening cacao accompanies us through the evening with meditation, energy work, sound and incense aromas. We can focus more clearly on our inner being, the world and interconnections. The high-quality 100% cacao comes from organic and fair production in the Dominican Republic and is of raw food quality. Sonic Fertilizer - Gong and Plant Meditation A 31" Symphonic Gong is the sound source for an ever-evolving drone that aims to restore energy centres within the body and mind. As part of Bad Lab, Lisa Biedlingmaier is researching the effects of sound on plants and our capabilities to listen with all our bodies. Donation Based / Kollekte

Silvia Studerus (CH) is working in performing arts. Her installations, paintings and environmental happenings are based on the aspect of process and ritual. In her background she carries body- & energy work and a big bond to healing, food & plantworld. Lisa Biedlingmaier (DE/CH) is a visual artist with a background in healing practices.