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=== “If music isn’t entertainment, what is it?” - by Onyx Ashanti ===
=== “If music isn’t entertainment, what is it?” - by Onyx Ashanti ===

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The DIY-MedTech Sharing Playground is for all of us to put related or not so related info on this wiki. Inspiring videos or articles and projects you want to share with future students.

Sense of Self - by TeZ aka Mauricio Martinucci

Some documentation of course materials for Sense of Self

Photo Album on recent Biometrics by TeZ

Make your own Meat Berry

Decellularization is a pretty strange process. Using a special type of soap, it's possible to remove all the cellular material from a piece of tissue, leaving only the connective proteins and polymers behind that normally hold the cells in place. It leaves you with something that looks like the starting material, but is really just an empty sponge called a scaffold.

Doctors and scientists have been exploring this technique for many years because those empty scaffolds are extremely useful for cell culture. By seeding them with cells taken from a patient, it's possible to grow a brand new organ or tissue able to be transplanted into a patient, potentially saving their life. The same technique could even be used to make lab grown meat.

Today we explore this amazing process and turn an ordinary grape, into meat.

More reading:

Review paper - https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/p... Andrew Pelling papers - https://journals.plos.org/plosone/art... https://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/...

Gabriels stuff: http://www.scihouse.space/ https://www.instagram.com/glimsd/

“If music isn’t entertainment, what is it?” - by Onyx Ashanti

Onyx Ashanti is a Detroit-based Afrofuturist living in a basement with only an extension cord from a nearby unit. When he's not traveling the world having sonic conversations about evolution and technology, he's using a homemade 3D printer made from recycled electronics to work on wearable kinetic modular digital synthesizers. The implicit story of music on earth is that of a shared destiny, a deeply-felt common bond that transcends space, time, and tribe, and helps to define us as a species. Onyx works in evolving rituals, from the ancient to the contemporary, forging new paths and passing down timeless practices.

Heartbeat controlled acoustic levitation synthesizer

Pictures of Gaudi's Heartbeat Controlled Acoustic Levitation Synthesizer

Wearable LoRaWAN Muscle SpikerShield

How to build a Wearable LoRaWAN Muscle SpikerShield


Backyard Brains Fablab Luzern KresseShield

Github for KresseShields: https://github.com/GenericLab/KresseShield