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HLabX Fellows Programme

More info coming soon... notes about the programme on gdoc

"Abao" Shih Wei Chieh

Shih Wei Chieh is a media artist based in Taipei. His wearable art, laser performance have been presented by many global events such as CTM Berlin, SXSW, YouFab, Modern Body Festival, University Technology Sydney etc. His work “Laser Dye” project in 2015 combines laser projection and cyanotype photography innovate the digital printing technology for 3D garments, shoes-wear. He’s also the founder of “Tribe Against Machine”, a social engaged project that invites media artist, e-textile artist to work with Taiwan Atayal tribe community, explore the new role of artist in remote society, how technology should evolve by reflecting to the crisis of the world after capital.

"Sheri" Shih Hui Chang

Sheri Shih Hui Chang has been working with creative methodologies to realize the previous unimagined, including using digital modeling and fabrication, molding and casting using bio-materials with textiles and fibers, DIY electronics, and film photography. The bio-inspired parametric fashion collection was selected for the CFDA+2015 Design Graduates and published in the Council of Fashion Designers of America talent book. The work has been exhibited in art spaces and events in the United States and Taiwan. Sheri continues to generate conversations between fields by experimenting with various materials and forms in hybrid fabricating process.

Visit to Bumi Langit Institute

Organic gas station runs with poo power and water recycle system without electricity in Bumi Langit Permaculture Center .

SSS - Pola Suara dan Laser

Lasershow flyer lifepatch.jpg

SSS / Sering Sering Syering the regular format of electronic arts and discussion organized by "Ucok" Andreas Siagian

Shih Wei Chieh and Andryan Ade were invited to play individual performances and explore a collaborative jam-session with electronics and laser projections.

More info on Lifepatch website in Bahasa Indonesia

In this episode, SSS features two performers with different practices. Shih Wei Chieh presented a project using his assembled laser machine to create visual projection patterns with analog methods responding to sound and sound compositions. He often uses this method in apparently art projects such as e-textile and wearables. Andryan Ade presented his solo project in creating experimental music compositions. He often uses synthesizers combined with field recordings in his music. On this occasion we can also see collaboration between the two of them.

Fermentation experiments with Pak Timbil


Plant Identification at Lifepatch with Pak Timbil

More info on Plant Identification at Lifepatch with Pak Timbil in July 2019

Meeting with Kunci

Kunci meeting.jpg

KUNCI Cultural Studies Center inhabits a precarious position of neither belonging to existing disciplinary boundaries while simultaneously aiming at expanding them. The collective’s membership is open and voluntary, and is so far based on an affinity to creative experimentation and speculative inquiry, with a focus on intersections between theory and practice.

Further Links: http://www.artscollaboratory.org/about/ethical-principles/

Workshops at ISI

WorkshopGang ISI.jpg

See more on BioElectronics and BioMaterials Workshop, ISI, Yogyakarta August, 2019

Day at the Beach