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Who is HUMUS sapiens?

«HUMUS sapiens» represents a compilation of soil explorations emerging from the networks of

The mikroBIOMIK Society

The Global Hackteria Network

Gasthaus: Fermentation and Bacteria

We bring DIY (do it yourself) and DIWO (do it with others) approaches as well as an open source based ‘hacker spirit’ into soil ecology. We invite you to reflect on current scientific discourses and critical societal challenges through hands-on tinkering and curiosity driven research.

We are building a network of soil enthusiasts for long-term collaborative research and invite YOU to join us.

NEXT Events

HUMUS SAPIENS meets PTwist, Lucerne

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When: 21. - 23. September 2018


  • FabLab Lucerne
  • Naherholunsgebiet Allmend [1]
  • Gaudi's Schrebergarten [2]


Lab Inauguration (Saturday, 22. September 2018)

Micro-Plastic Session (Sunnday, 23. September 2018)

  • Building Centrifuges
  • Extracting Micro-plastic
  • Excursion, Sampling soil
  • Microscopy and Extraction

Humusapiens im GaudiLabs (Monday, 24.-26. September 2018)