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HUMUS Sapiens: What's the dirt - on me?

On 20.-22.07.2018 there will be research for everyone at Projekt Draussen, the creative workshop, learning and working place in the middle of the forest south of Munich. Let's discover what's going on in the ground under our feet. Let's explore the secret ingredients that make plants happy. Together we make a contribution to open research and a sustainable future!

Would you like to get your hands dirty, learn more about soil ecology, discuss at the campfire in the evening? Please write to on which days you would like to be there (with or without accommodation), and whether you already have a topic / project idea in mind or would like to give a workshop.


Soil is life and we believe that diversity is the key to creativity and innovation. HUMUS Sapiens is an open source research project and an intitiative to create an international network with soil enthusiasts and biohackers. In this soil-retreat we gather people from around the world and different backgrounds to share their knowledge and diy-methods to create workshops and concepts around the topic of soil.

Scientists, artists, pedagogues, ecologists and farmers work together to develope new strategies and tools for the study of soil and farming technics and to share their results on a open plattform for further research.

The Global Hackteria Network , Gasthaus: Fermentation and Bacteria and the mikroBIOMIK Society gather their resources to rethink the way we deal with our mother earth.


The retreat will take place from Friday noon, 20th July until Sunday 22th July evening.

Where - Hosting & Accommodation