Hackteria Garage BioLab Radionica, Zagreb

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Friday 20:00

  • dusjagr's introduction into Hackteria Projects, Network and Practices
  • Open discussion on ethics on animal experimentation
  • open questions?

Saturday 12:00 - 18:00

  • What is in the Boxes
  • where to get that stuff in Zagreb
  • building DIY microscopes
  • let's start cooking
  • what is sterility

Sunday 12:00 - 18:00

  • tba

Organisms we found and brought

little animals you will get to see on this workshop are small "crabs" - Daphnia sp.
. More info on Daphniaology

Building Microscopes

Where to get started for a Garage BioLab in Zagreb


Scanned daphnia.png