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General Info

The participants should bring their own laptop, any operating system. Best to try to use their integrated webcam already, with software like, vlc, cheese, photobooth, guvcview etc see links to software


Siehe Anfahrtsplan auf der Seite der SGMK, MechArtLab, Nummer an Türe anrufen, oder Marc anrufen, falls geschlossen. Der Workshopraum ist im 6ten Stock.


Experiments with Sachiko's Blood

simple blood swipe. pierced with a sterile syringe and wiped onto a glass slide. 2x higher magnification should easily be possible be putting the lens further away. still clearly the red blood cells can be seen.

Haeb 01.jpg

Human epithelial cells

By scratching inside of your mouth/cheek you can obtain some of your own epithelial cells. you can use some tissue, a toothbrish or a wipe-thingy. just wipe them onto a glass slide. some of them roll up, while other then adhere to the glass slide and can easily be seen with the diy microscope.

Marc lens 2-1.jpg

Protozoa found in the moss sample from Hagen

The sample has been taken in december 2010 and left humid in my room for 2 months. looooots of little animals...



Workshop Material

Presentation Slides


DIY Microscopy

Simple microscope step3 flipping lens.JPG

DIY microscopy instructions on dusjagr labs

DIY microscopy on hackteria

PS3 Eye hacking on hackteria

generally check the DIY_microscopy instruction on this wiki

PS3 Eye hack

Ps3eye microscopy hack parts.jpg

PS3 eye is a very fast camera (100fps) and there is an official SDK available for developing custom software.

Read instructions here: PS3 Eye hack.

pd - microscope

Pure Data

Pd (aka Pure Data) is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing.

we developed open source software for microscopy and motion detection:

check some of the code on the Pd_microscope

Bioelectronix Basics

see the technical introduction on Bioelectronix on this wiki

or read Andy's article about the topic

BioElectronix Arduino



Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

Hackteria Arduino-Clone

see hackteria site



Dr. Marc R. Dusseiller

Background: material scientist, nanobio interfaces, lecturer, cultural facilitator

Interests: communincation of science, teaching, experimental music, interfacing Art&Science, developing tools for generic lab infrastructures

tel +41 78 6458259



dusjagr labs | Ideas Research Movies Instruments

Mechatronic Art | Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Mechatronische Kunst

Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art

wetPONG, Platfrom for Hybrid-Games, Micro- and Nanotechnology and Life Sciences


Christoph Stähli

Background: New Media Art

Interests: BioElectronix Software & Tools, Tracking the Tardis!

joins the following workshops:

DIY Mikroskopie (x)yes , ( )no, ( )maybe

BioElectronix (x)yes , ( )no, ( )maybe

preferred language: german, english

expectations & plans from the workshop? : building a nice microscope

Website: www.stahlnow.com

Kathrin Stumreich

Background:media artist, fashion design, medicine


joins the following workshops:

DIY Mikroskopie (x )yes , ( )no, ( )maybe

BioElectronix (x )yes , ( )no, ( )maybe

preferred language: german, english

expectations & plans from the workshop? being able to build the diy kit for examining , and capturing visual documents, sound; breeding situation..


Lars Kasper

Background: studied physics, now PhD candidate in magnetic resonance imaging

Interests: neuroscience, marrying measurements and models, computer science, everyday psychology

joins the following workshops:

DIY Mikroskopie (x)yes , ( )no, ( )maybe

BioElectronix ( )yes , ( )no, (x)maybe

preferred language: German, English

expectations & plans from the workshop? Getting to know my shyer flatmates (mites, spiders, flies) Diving into and heavily abusing a commercial electronic device





joins the following workshops:

DIY Mikroskopie ( )yes , ( )no, ( )maybe

BioElectronix ( )yes , ( )no, ( )maybe

preferred language:

expectations & plans from the workshop?