High Voltage Epigenetics

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Back in 1989 former Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis) researchers Dr. Guido EBNER, and Dr. Heinz SCHURCH found a way to treat animals and plant to make them grow like in earlier times. It was not confirmed, accepted or exploited by the company. So the researchers applied for a patent on an application and the method was discussed on television.

It's so simple, let's try.

Television Show:

Ferns from prehistoric times...

Setup with petri-dishes in static field.

Patent description ( EP0351357 (A1) ― 1990-01-17 ):

A novel method is described, which, on the basis of the short-term application of electrostatic fields, results in lasting beneficial and desirable properties in fish, which are otherwise achievable only with a substantial additional effort, if at all. As a result of the simplicity of the measures constituting the method according to the invention and the significant results, the culture of fish, particularly of edible fish but also of ornamental fish, is genuinely revolutionised.


Let's Do it

What animal or plant should we use? Flowers or Frogs? Let's start with yeast.

Cooking yeast, preparing high-voltage electrostatic field on petri-dish.

And wait.

- Electrostatic field with 500 - 20'000 Volt. Best is 716 V/cm
- Air and water tight petri-dishes
- 3 Day in field, then grow up normaly

The first try with yeast was not very reproductive. We hade nice bread but no real results.

Let's Do it better

This time we do a nice setup with three identival high voltage chambers for one petridish each. So we can do two samples to expose to high voltage and one reference sample.


To generate the high voltage we use a cold catode tube voltage supply. This can provide arount 100 Volt alternative current (V AC). This we multiply with a homemade voltage multiplier to 1000 volt direct current (V DC). MobileHLab ELPower.pngVoltage multiplier schematic diagram.jpg

See here for the voltage multiplier: http://www.rmcybernetics.com/projects/DIY_Devices/homemade_voltage_multiplier.htm
As test subject I thought about using cress. Then I found that cress need light to germinate what we do not have in the test setup petridish. So I bought parsley. Parsley should germinate in the dark. Then I found that parsley takes 10 to 14 days to start germinate. Oh biology takes time... That Devilish Parsley. So then I decided to go for the real thing and put corn grains in the high volteg chambers...

now let's wait and see..