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Name: Krupakar Dhinakaran

Institution: Srishti, Bangalore

15th May 09

We created conceptual bacteria models.

The first diagram is the immuno-bacteria. Following it is the way it is used to clean water that has water borne-diseases and produce drinkable water.

Immuno bacteria Simple Procedure

16th May 09

As an introduction to all our efforts: Mit and what we are doing[[1]]

Something done: Bactoblood[[2]]

I am beginning to think about electricity conducting bacteria. There could several applications of these modified bacteria. I think starting from simply producing electricity, something that is been studied now, we could eventually create a micro-processor that is living and can adapt to meet system requirements. It would also power itself and make it independent of external power sources. As a third advantage, you could provide the bacteria the garbage in your house/environment.

An interesting article:Bacteria with wires[[3]].

Another interesting idea that I came across- makes use of the colour of bacteria to create high-definition 2-d surfaces. [[4]]

22nd MAY Sound and Bacteria: Interesting article that shows us something we didn't know was possible.[[5]]

27th MAY Finally, to understand what all the symbols mean, i found a catalogue that explains the DNA parts that we have to work with. This will allow us to understand what other igem groups have done in previous competitions. [[6]]

4th June 2009

Parts that may work together:

1)Wintergreen Odor Producer

   1.Salicylic Acid Generator:  
        Source from cell metabolite: BBa_R0011, 
        Odor Precursor Generator: BBA_J45319
   2.Odor Generator:
        BBa_J45120: Catalysis of conversion of salicylic acid to methyl salicylate.

2)AHL detector and GFP output

   2.Inducible AHL, CI generator(with CI promotor): BBa_I722005
   3.AHL Reciever+GFP: BBa_K137018