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Pechblenda/Hackteria as a transhackfeminist queer science laboratories wants to propose a time and space for the confluence of cyborgs, cyber-witches and degenerate alchemists. Open the lab to experiment and be traversed by practical experience of noiSEX disturbance from the DIWo tools, fluids and non static bodies.

Open Science Friction and Noise Disturbance against systemic reductionist sEXcience

[[Performative lab]o[dy Ritual]] :

Glam lab]o[dy human and non human bodies ritualistic intra.actions. Nature queer performativity explorations and micromacropleasures experiments from the mobile HardGlam Bio.trans.lab Cyborg Witch alchemy & fluid ritual voice,movement and sound processing from bodies interations with anal-gytal devices. collective fluid ritual; bodies, devices, code, frequencies, waves and life video of our cells iterations.

Biotranslab is based in Open Science Friction methodology that acts assuming the knowledge comes thought the Magic experience of body, the true sentiment that involves expression and transformation of the self through the transcendental friction. This performance of knowledge is in essence the process of learning by doing, the body is frictionating with other agencies and through that we are performing a new outcome, we are no more as before. Documentation and memory in any form is essential! in ANY format: visual treasures, sound mines, microscopic riddles, biologic cabinets, microbiologic growing centers, online seedbanks, fluids archives, fanzine-paper sms, oral decoding chorus, self vudu healing rituals. By definition Bio.trans.lab will ferment and being in state of going fast forward to a explosive and expansive movement towards radical experiments, collective strong confidence, to scape from the controlled bodypolitics and being in a free open human-non human environmental ecosystem.

[transhackfeminism, free technologies, free beings, situated knowledge, glam, biopunk, DIY/DIT, cyborg witches, hardware, wetware]

The emergence of the CyborgWitch strategy: ‘ A pesar de que el Witchcraft’ have creativity, fantasy, and innovation at their core, many Witches look to technology for pragmatic as well as spiritual tasks, to supply them with increased access to information and to like-minded people who can discuss and share their ideas.

HardGlam devices learn from Witchcraft and incorporate the labboratory into magical practice substituting local technologies for craft tools in both simple and complicated ways, and using the internet for socio purposes.

This Glamorous devices possess its own numen and act as a conduit for the spirit of the utilitarian aspect of using mechanical objects for magic and for communication with the queer beings through Chaos Magic as the actual doing of it - that like sex, no amount of theorizing and intellectualisation can substitute for the actual experience.

The sentiment that involves expression and transformation of the self through fluid mechanical digital interaction was being with the actual Cyborg Witches emergence.

Only in extremes can the spirit discover itself. A fluid environment is required as a vessel for magical consciousness. Only a fluid environment can conform to beliefs about it and be subject to the subtle magical forces. Only in mutable circumstances can divination come into its own.

Accordingly, some Witches have imagined the web as the sublime superhighway, and used the technology of this arena in experiments to project the self into liminal space for the purposes of ex stasis, and to harness, decipher, and re-write this mysterious plane for more powerful spell-work.

Witch is heightened and they enters into a transient state of ecstasy, exstasis, in the literal sense, ‘to stand outside of oneself’. The body is the interface that must be surpassed for the Witch to become a walker between worlds, where the disembodied self, (soul,mind, psyche) can coalesce with supernal entities, assume an alternative identity by switching gender, theriomorphing, or reach apotheosis and become a god.

These facts might suggest that open-source faiths like CW Witchcraf have a survival advantage in a progressively rational world. But it is not just CyborgWitches who are consecrating technology and holding it up as a window to the soul and path to deification; scientists, philosophers, cultural theorists, sci-fi geeks and computer programmers have all contributed to the development of the techgnosis concept.

Social movements like Witchcraft demonstrate that science and religion are not always “non- overlapping magisteria” as the Witchen community has managed to find enchantment in the technological world.

not all Witches have access to a range of technologies, nor are they all well versed in their operations. Another more weighty issue is that as our civilization becomes more absorbed in post-modern technology, we have less of a need for traditional attachments to the natural environment and the organic body.

The CyborgWitch strategy is an addendum to Witchcraft that seeks out charm in a De-naturalised urban context and aims to keep the religion dynamic and germane.

Conversely, the theories and experiments of trans-humanists are emic and the objectives are based on gaining knowledge and enhancing the self, ambitions shared by the acceptance of the cyborg revolution, means as a mutation towards divinity.

Now the cyborg witches has the flames to enchanted Chaos Magic from the radical visions of the punk doing together magic alchemy to heal where is needed and balance between nature and technology. Nature queer performativity through entanglements with nature (non industrial tech) and technology (postindustrial one) and other agencies.

being aware perhaps a more resilient attitude for a destiny saturated in life changing advances that praise science as savior.

magic charm, alluring beauty or charm, a spell affecting the eye, a kind of haze in the air , song, verse, incantation.’

Chaos magic borrowed freely fromScience Fiction, Quantum Physics, and anything else its practitioners chose to. Rather than trying to recover and maintain a tradition that links back to the past (and formerglories), Chaos magic is an approach that enables the individual to use anything that s/he thinks is suitable as a temporary belief or symbol system. What matters is the results you get, not the ‘authenticity’ of the system used. So Chaos magic then, is not a system - it utilises systems and encourages adherents to devise their own, giving magic a truly Postmodernist flavour.

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