Workshopology 2012, Ljubljana

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Ljudmila, Rimska Cesta 8, Ljubljana


18:30h - 19h Short introductions, max 5 min

19h - 21h selection of topic and focused discussion

21h - 23h Dinner Symposium

Workshopology dinner.jpg


Boki miha tina.jpg

  • Bojan Markicevic, Zagreb, ComSol, Science Factory
  • Dr. Marc Dusseiller, Switzerland/Slovenia/Global, Hackteria
  • Antony Hall, Manchester, TableTop Experiments, Owl Project
  • Deborah Hustic, Zagreb, I'MM media Lab
  • Tina Malina, Edu Manager, Ljudmila
  • Kristijan Tkalec, Hisa Eks, Kiberpipa, BioTehna
  • Miha Turšič, Zero Gravit Art, KSEVT.EU
  • Brane, Radio Cona
  • Robertina Sebjanic, artist, education manager
  • Boris Magrini, Zurich, Curator
  • Uros Veber, Arctic Perspective, Ljudmila
  • Borut Savski, C2, ThereMidi and more

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remote contributions

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  • Stefania Druga, Hackidemia (to be confirmed)
  • Pei-Wen Liu, CH/TW, experiences from Playaround 2012
  • Tengal, Phillipines, Manila BioPunk and other stuff

Notes from Discussions

Selection of Topic

Workshopology choose topic.jpg

Schematics of different Models

Werkstatt Model

Workshopology werkstatt model.JPG

Complex Topic Model

Workshopology complex topic model.JPG

Limited Kit Model

Workshopology limited Kit community model.JPG

Meta-Social Model

Workshopology Meta social model.JPG

Social Structures Model

Workshopology social structures model.JPG