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Workshops - See more on Workshopology and J'aime - Jaringan of Appropriate and Interdisciplinary Maker Education
PA18 Off Ground - Fly High

Ballooning GroupPhto1.jpg

See description on AND website.

HUMUS.Sapiens-Field Notes

Field_Notes - Ecology of Senses, in Kilpisjärvi, Northern Lapland, will explore the role of sensing within this convergence: the ways we make sense of the world, how worlds are made through our senses and the changing sense of self which comes along. We expanded our original sensorium considerably with technology. The spectrum is wide: in it we find our own human body senses, but also animal- and bio-sensors we learned to appropriate, chemical and electronic sensors and also the future prospect of a fully quantified computational planet with its first implementations of orbit tracked, networked bird swarms or fully wired forests already being tested.

HUMUS.Sapiens - Unveiling Hidden Micro Ecologies, Part of Bioart Society's Field_Notes Ecology of Senses in Kilpisjärvi 2018

HUMUS-Group on PlanetEarth web.jpg

(clockwise) Toru (Ryu) Oyama, Antti Salminen, Teemu Lehmusruusu, Aravin Chakravarthi, Heather Davis, Bilge Hasdemir (in background), hosted by Marc Dusseiller

Let’s go underground! Within HUMUS.Sapiens-Field Notes we are interested to explore approaches to sense the hidden and dark places which lie below our feet. The complex networks of microscopic organisms that co-exist with us in the dark soils underneath the plant cover are fundamental in sustaining life for the creatures above ground, as well for the whole planet’s atmosphere.

GOSH Workshop at UGM, 2018 Global Open Science Hardware – From Bioart to Biohacking, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) in Yogyakarta

Discussing the GOSH workshop modules on the forum and notes on gdoc

CocoMixtape UGM PCB back.png

MedTech-DIY @ Fablab Luzern, HSLU, Luzern

Das Modul verbindet Anwendungen der Medizintechnik mit Do It Yourself (DIY) Ansätzen. Dadurch wird das tiefere Verständnis von Medizintechnischen Geräten durch einen direkten, interdisziplinären und möglichst selbstgesteuerten Zugang gefördert. Basierend auf verschiedenen elektrophysiologischen Messmodulen (EMG, EKG, EOG, EEG) entwickeln die Studierenden im Team Ideen für innovative Produkte. Erste Prototypen werden mit den Mitteln der Digitalen Fabrikation hergestellt und getestet.

Feb 2018

DiyMedTech fullHouse.jpg

DIWO Culture

HaSTA DIWO Culture : Hacking art/Sci/Tech & Activism

To engage with the most pressing issues (environment, social injustice, globalisation) of society, artist have embraced new transdisciplinary practices, which combine the use of open source tools (OST) and hacking strategies in a collaborative manner with "others". DIWO (Do It With Others) Culture will introduce such strategies through case studies, hands-on experimentation and team projects to the students. This first edition will focus on OST for environmental monitoring and artistic interpretation.

Feb 2018

DIWO culture rooftop.jpg

Open Science Friction and Noise Disturbance & Performative lab]o[dy Ritual @ Open Source Body, Paris ===

Performative labody Ritual

Pechblenda/Hackteria as a transhackfeminist queer science laboratories wants to propose a time and space for the confluence of cyborgs, cyber-witches and degenerate alchemists. Open the lab to experiment and be traversed by practical experience of noiSEX disturbance from the DIWo tools, fluids and non static bodies.

Open Science Friction and Noise Disturbance against systemic reductionist sEXcience

Jan 2018

39964617741 ce5188e246 k.jpg

Hackteria Mосква – Temporary Lab @ Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

In the post-apocalyptic era the survival depends on creative approaches and the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. By setting up a temporary biolab and building generic lab equipment from recycled consumer technology the hackteria people use their science fantasy to create a unique environment for experimentation and reflection. And do so evaluating one’s ethical values with every new discovery.

Dec 2017

IMG 20180103 164404.jpg

Miso (味噌 or みそ) making Workshop

Miso (味噌 or みそ) making Workshop at Dimension Plus TW

Feb 2017

Dplus miso mixSojaRice.jpg

DIY chemistry analysis of food

DIY chemistry analysis of food

Jan 2017


Hackteria Workshops in ZKM 2016

Hackteria Workshops in ZKM 2016

15 - 25. Jan 2016


The Art of BioHacking - HEAD

The Art of BioHacking - HEAD

25 -30. Okt 2015

HEAD HowToMakePaneer.jpg

Laboratorio abierto

Instrumentales artísticos para la exploración submarina, Gijon

25/26. Sep 2014

IMG 20140607 133753 (1).jpg


Domaći mikroskop @ Science Picnic, Zagreb

14. Sep 2014


Workshop / Discussion / Soundscapes

Hackteria: Biologische Kunst – Wissenschaft, Natur und Biohacking - Schaffhausen

12-14. Juni 2014

Dusjagr sarong.jpg

Workshop / Temporary Lab:

NanoHacking: Converging Life and Tech at the Nanoscale - BiofiliA HighSchool, Finland

2-5. Dec 2013

HEAD workshop.jpg

Workshop / Temporary Lab:

Hackteria FoodHacking - BioLab @ CynetArt - Dresden, Germany

14-22. Nov 2013

Agar 1.jpg

Workshop / Temporary Lab:

Hackteria BioLab @ SHARE - Republika, Rijeka

18-20. July 2013

Preps bioLumi.jpg


The Art of BioHacking or How to make Cheese and Wine, HEAD, Geneva

18-22. Feb 2013

HEAD workshop.jpg


BioHacking vs. BioPunk, I'MM Media Lab, Zagreb

featuring Togar and dusjagr

14-16. Dez 2012



BioElectronix for Artists and Geeks, Ljubljana

November 2012, BioTehna Lab

BioTiny web.jpg


DIY microscopes & BioHacks, Machineproject, Los Angeles

28. Aug 2012, Machineproject

BioHacks LA.jpg


MobileKitchenLab, Yogyakarta

25. Oct - 31. jan 2012

Street vendor kitchen.jpg


Hackteria Garage BioLab Radionica, Zagreb

21. Oct - 23. oct 2011

Radionice zagrebu.jpg


Hackteria & SGMK BioCyberKidzz

31. Aug - 6. Sep 2011



du du kuglica sajica mavrica

30. April 2011, NanoSmano Lab, Mestni Trg




8. Mar - 12. Mar 2011

Bioelectronix piksel.jpg


Hackteria Workshops Zurich

12/13. Feb & 19/20. Feb 2011

Hackteria zurich web.jpg


micro-electro-physiology @ HAIP, Ljubljana

24. Nov - 26. Nov 2010



bioelectronix for artists @ playaround09, Taipei

7. Nov - 11. Dez 2009

Bioelectronix playaround.jpg


bioelectronix for artists @ piksel09

19. Nov - 21. Nov 2009

Bioelectronix piksel.jpg


bioelectronix for artists @ videotage, Hong Kong

14. Nov - 15. Nov 2009

Bioelectronix videotage.jpg


Bioelectronics for artists @ CEMA

20. July - 28. July 2009

Amobae workshop.jpg


Synthetic Biology for Artists and Designers@CEMA,NCBS

15. May-01. July


hackteria & lab_hacking @ NK, Berlin

30. May - 3. June 2009

Flyer nk web.jpg

NK, Berlin

Field Trip:

Cave µ-Safari

August - December 2013


Field Trip:

Frog Hacking with Brandon Ballengée, Ljubljana

21 - 28. June 2013



Mobile Labs Hackathon, Ljubljana

10 - 18. June 2013



BioKino and BioVJ, GT22, Maribor

16. June 2013

BioVj Maribor.jpg


SoftBots & OverheadBots with "derstrudel" and Ralf Schreiber, Ljubljana

16 - 21. May 2013, Christian Faubel (DE)


Kapelica Swiss Tour:

Kapelica Swiss Tour

3 - 8. May 2013, Jurij Krpan (SI)

Jurij comes to switzerland.jpg


Mini-Mycophone, Ljubljana

20. April 2013, Saša Spačal (SI)



Single Nucleotide Polymorphism workshop, Ljubljana

21 & 22. February 2013, Špela Petrič (SI)

SNP workshop.jpg


BioCyberKidzz, Maribor

27. Nov 2012, Soft-Control - KIBLA



Workshopology 2012, Ljubljana

24. Nov 2012, 18h - 22h, Ljudmila

Workshopology 2012.jpg


Fish-to-Brain Interfaces, Antony Hall, Ljubljana

24. Nov 2012, BioTehna Lab, Kiberpipa

Fish brains.jpg


BioSense, Ljubljana

22. Sep 2012, NanoSmano GardenLab


BioTehna Lab Infrastructure:

BioTehna Lab Infrastructure

Art sci lab.jpg