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Project 0: WetWare
WetWare s.jpg

Where to shop for materials

Project 1: The Bacterial Net- Microbial Telecommunications.

Quorum sensing is a type of decision-making process used by decentralized groups to coordinate behavior. Many species of bacteria use quorum sensing to coordinate their gene expression according to the local density of their population.The Bacterial Net attempts to transfer this decision making process over the Internet. Using Microcontollers and sensors to detect bacterial population and a public web service that helps transfer sensor information. The Bacterial Net is an exploration in bringing the Internet into the Natural Ecosystem.

Project 2: Bioelectronix
Bioelectronics after casting.jpg

Integrating electronics into biological culture devices needs different approaches. the use of silicone-rubbers for sealing off the wet/humid bio-part from the silicon circuits and sensors allows the making of hybrid bioelectronic devices.

Project 3: Synthetic Biology for Artists and Designers: A primer
Synbio cover.jpg

An Illustrated handbook that shows you how to work with MIT's parts registry

Project 4: ArtScienceBangalore 2009-Synthetic Biology for Artists and Designers

see also the docu for Prix Ars Electronica

Project 5: DIY microscopy
Cam ani sm.gif

a small hack to the optics of a standard webcam with an adjustable focus-lens, allows to create video data, with a magnification of around 100 to 400x (depending on the model) at a working distance of a few mm. The highest magnifications can be achieved by inverting (putting upside down) the lens. Addition of good lighting by the use of leds allows to create images using a bright-field method (shine through the stuff) or dark field method (look at the reflections and scattering).

Project 6:DIY $25 Gel Box
DSC 8050.jpg

Building your own Electrophoresis Gel Box is easy. Here's how you do it!

Project 7: bio habitats

instead of using standard lab culture tools, such as flasks or petri-dishes, artists might want to design their own devices to culture and inhabitate living organisms and keep them alive. simple devices can be cast in silicone to incorporate all the necessary environemtal conditions for long time survival of microorganisms.

Project 8: DIY Microfluidics
Project 9: DIY Plant Tissue culture and Engineering
Plant culture.jpg
Project 10: Pd_microscope
Pd microscope.png

Pd_microscope is the software package that you can use to control your DIY microscope. It's a work in progress

Project 11: DIY spectroscopy
Spektral tag1.jpg

Spectroscopy means the analysis of natural phenomena according to its energy distribution. In case of the electromagnetic spectra, ranging from x-ray, visible light, infrated to radio frequencies, this can be used to analyse chemical compounds, follow biochemical reactions or get information of the composition of stars. This project tries utilize webcams, CD/DVD and some construction material, to get a spectral analysis of ultra-violett and visible light sources, which might be used to follow enzymatic and metabolic reactions in cultured microorganisms and bacteria.

Project 12: ArtScienceBangalore 2010-Synthetic Biology for Artists and Designers
Asb 2010 group.jpg

A bunch of regular people with very little idea of Synthetic Biology but ready to pick up eveything about it.

Download the nicely illustrated Comic Book on Synthetic Ecologies here File:IGEM Comic 2010.pdf

Project 13: DIY handheld centrifuge
Project 14: DIY table top centrifuge
Table top.JPG
Project 15: DIY Incubator

Project 16: DIY Fermentation or the Art of making Wine
Diy fermentation.jpg
Project 17: Hacked Optical Mouse
Optical mouse hack.jpg
Project 18: DIY Sterlisation Hood
Project 19: DIY Water Bath
Project 20: GFP Protocol Jugaad
MG 7283.JPG

Home made GFP bacteria

Project 21: ReacTable

Gives information and protocals of equipment and bacteria put on it

Project 22: Algae Culture at Home

Grow your own algae at home with some plastic bottles, lighting and air bubbles

Project 23: Mobile Phone Field Microscope
Hacked phone.jpg

Modify a mobile phone into a useful field microscope by replacing the lens with a cheap flipped wemcam lens..

Project 24: DIY turbidity meters
Turbidity shield.jpg

simple light absorption measurements for water monitoring or nanoparticle detection using an arduino, a laser or LED and an LDR.

Project 25: Laser-cut microscopy stages
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different design for easy to build stages for the DIY microscope, z-stage, x-y servo controlled stage and more...

Project 26: How to start a nanolab

Because nanotechnology is situated at the interface of many disciplines it is best to organize some basic gear from various sources, such as a local electronics store, gardening shops or various online suppliers for household tools and electronic gadgets. You will need to set up some basic laboratory instruments for doing simple biology, chemistry, fabrication&manufacturing and some physical computing to connect everything to your computer.

Project 27: Magnetic stirrer
NS spinner spinning.jpg

always useful to stir things automatically if you are lazy...

Project 28: DIY Micro Dispensing and Bio Printing

dispensing, cutting, printing, growing with a robotic platform. Aka NanoFabrik

Project 29: ArtScienceBangalore 2011-Synthetic Biology for Artists and Designers

Link to IGEM site

Download the nicely illustrated booklet on "Dirt" here File:Dirt IGEM2011.pdf

Project 30: ArtScienceBangalore 2011-Nanotechnology for Artists and Designers

Link to Biomod site

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Tempe(h) is a fermented food. But it's not meant to preserve the material from rottenness. It's for style. Analogue meat they said. So, once you made your own tempe(h). Cook it! Eat it!

Project 32: Daphniaology
Daphnia jar.jpg

Project 33: Ants
And lenoir.jpg

Project 34: Book: Homemade Biological Art
Homemade BioArt.jpg
Project 35: The Art of Hunting

Baerman funnels, Berlese-Tullgren funnel, habitats

Project 36: Jugaad PCR Thermocyclers
Hairdryer PCR lab2011.jpg

some links to alternative and DIY thermocycling experiments.

Project 37: MobileLabs

some links and ideas to mobile labs...

Project 38: Autonomous Public Lab

Blueprints for setting up a People's Research Lab

Project 39: Hackteria Merchandise and Logos

loads of logos, t-shirt designs, stickers, flyers and posters

Project 40: Orbital Shaker
Orbital shaker.jpg

shake it baby!

Project 41: Plant Electrophysiology

Yeah, even plants cant be protected from arduinos..

Project 42: Spin Coater
Spin coater.jpg

DIY Spin Coater!

Project 43: NeuroNetworking

Prototypes & design fiction into networking over brain data and biodata related to our brain function (fMRI, SNPs, EEG). How will we use brain data for social networking, neuromarketing, citizen science projects,etc. The main technical challenge is to create some open format for sharing brain data over the web (3D T1-weighted gradient-echo sequence (MP-RAGE)images in the nifti format , which is readable by FSL software ( into some 3D web browser data and image that would support crowdsourcing of brain data, pattern recognition and comparison of brain data).

Project 44: Garden 2012: Spherification of Hieronymus Bosch
Spheres big.jpg

Spherification experiments as a tribute to Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. In order to understand our new cosmology of minimal but also complex spheres (molecules, cells, vesicles, coacervates, microspheres), we decided to use spherification techniques and to try to design a version of Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights like a catalogue of what is possible in terms of spheres today. Some of our spheres are eatable, other are perceived only by microscopes, some target taste buds other just molecules, we even tried to prepare a micro-meal for microorganisms entrapped in a type of mini-aquaria and systems. The three containers mimicking the original triptych are an early reflection of the importance of spheres for our idea of origin or the organic life but also present experiments in molecular gastronomy but also drug targeting systems and research in nano-bio technologies. Humans making spheres on all scales are like gods recreating some new garden with self-enclosed systems, ecologies and microspheres, which influence each other and interact.

Project 45: Bio+Hacker+Art-Space Tour California 2012
Cal local.jpg

Picture protocoll of an intensive three week travel throug the venues of third culture in western California!

Project 46: Distillation

Distillation at the Hackteria Distillery at Jagaa, Bangalore Dec. 2012 and other distillation rigs

Project 47: Do eat your laser Tofu (DEYLT)
Tof icon.jpg

How to make your own tofu? From laser cutting a tofu mold to the preparation and the tasting.

Project 48: Randen-Burger or the art of documenting


Project 49: Yeast powered balloons a la BioCyberKidzz

This is a balloon, which inflates as a result of the yeast growing and interacting with its environment

Project 50: Bacterial Jewelry a la BioCyberKidzz

The Bacterial Jewelry module comes as a take away amulet that has a living fingerprint of the participant.

Project 51: Body Augmentation and Enhancement a la BioCyberKidzz

Talking about bioart and cyberbody modifications is accessible to everyone.

Project 52: The LAB BOOK a la BioCyberKidzz

Recording observations is an important aspect of laboratory life. This module is to encourage the collection and recording of data.

Project 53: DIY Laser tweezer, cell trap, oligo synthesis

Based on a paper of a laser tweezer made from an old DVD drive we go on...

Project 54: DIY Plasma generators
Plasma siech.jpg

Where to get it, how to make it, the 4th state of matter.

Project 55: Hacked Hard-disc Centrifuge
Harddisc centrifuge.jpg

Get an old harddisc, laser cut or 3D pring a eppi-holder, run it...

Project 56: Agar is the Media
Agar media.jpg

The key technologies of every genetic and molecular biology lab – the gel electrophoresis chamber...

Project 57: BubbleBots

Tiny little tubular rockets generating bubbles to propel themselves through water.

Project 58: Ganzfeld experiment
Ganzfeld experiment.JPG

This is a modified experiment from the 70s and which can be used as a great icebreaker activity for building trust.

Project 59: Rubber_Hand_Illusion_Experiment_variations

a variation developed through trying this workshop on a large number of people, and not having funding to get loads of rubber hands. So we made the hands in the workshop.

Project 60: Internet of Bugs'n'Beasts

starting soon

Project 61: KIMCHI or the Art of Fermentation

HomeMade KIMCHI from scratch..... The final taste all depends on the amount of salt, dehydration, fermentation and temperature monitor.

Project 62: Science For Poets

LifeSciences Workshop for Artists & Designers in Bangalore 2013, collaborators of

Project 63: Zebrafish Hacking: The Plant Animal

Project 64: Wild OpenPCR

Building an OpenPCR without the kit, just from commercially available parts. With additional information on how to do it.

Project 65: Explorations in BioLuminescence

From fireflies to stinky squids... the future is bright

Project 66: Say Cheese

make your own fresh cheese

Project 67: Hack a Taq

Testing out the Wild OpenPCR and purifying your own Taq from Open Biotechnology - using primers to detect coliform bacteria

Project 68: Poor Man's BioPrinter

There are many ways of bioprinting...

Project 69: DIYbio Prototypes Collection & Hackteria archive

Collection of open biology and DIYbio prototypes created by members of the Hackteria network, such as DNA Lab-in-Box, Gene gun etc. This archive of exhibition artefacts supports open science and citizen science advocacy and showcases the open hardware possibilities of supporting research in the Global South.

Project 70: Urban Cuisine
Snail huntin.jpg

Various explorations into urban ecologies and recipes to hunt, collect, grow, cook, eat your findings

Project 71: Actinomycetes Tournament: Open antibiotics discovery

In this project we want to screen soil bacteria, such as Actinomyces, Streptomyces and Micromonospora for antibiotic properties. It is a global citizen science initiative started by DIYbio Waag, which uses game elements (collecting and tournaments) to support open drug discovery of antibiotics. We will isolate actinomycetes from soil samples around the world and screen with Micrococcus luteus or similar microbe to determine their antibiotic properties. Images of inoculated plates will be shared online and based on their strengths (zones of growth inhibition) they will become part of a collection or initiate tournaments between the most successful examples. We will sequence the most powerful ones. We expect cooperation with various DIYbio organizations, microbiology departments and science enthusiasts. Picture: Antibiotic Producing Actinomycetes By adonofrio (

Project 72: High Voltage Epigenetics
High voltage yeast.jpg

Is it real or is it epigenetics? A novel method is described, which, on the basis of the short-term application of electrostatic fields, results in lasting beneficial and desirable properties in animals and plants. The culture of fish, particularly of edible fish but also of ornamental fish, is genuinely revolutionised.

Project 73: How to make a proper Barber Trap
Project 74: doms Mobile vj lab

As time past I have grow huge need for mobile vj lab for all indoor and outdoor visual activity. From my experience till now it has to be paced with lots of power, projector, cams, microscope,sound system, bio lab tools (pipettes, slide glass...),many different vj tools(blinking led...), lasers, traps and containers for live organisms. Probably some other stuff that I will find useful like knife, glue, bugs 2d aquarium, different plugs for charging and powering that you always find helpful on terrain. Of course all together should not be to heavy (5kg max but rather 3kg).... ...

Project 75: openTrap

More and more we are looking into various traps for catching larger animals such as rats, foxes, pigeons and more. Re-developing some popular designs, adapting them, make them open source for digital fabrication ...

Project 76: DIY_NanoDrop

Microvolume Spectrophotometers and Fluorospectrometers are innovative products used to quantitate micro-volumes of sample. You want one? Build your own. ...

Project 77: Nail Studio Micro Fluidics

Nail studios are the girls secret hight tech labs with UV light curing gel and other fancy stuff. Let's hack it to do low cost microfluidics. ...

Project 78: Mobile Power Solutions

You need mobile electrical power - On how to build Graphene Supercapacitors, Peltier electricity from fire and more...

Project 79: Fish-Hacking
IMG 2593.JPG

Ever tried to listen into the electrocommunication behavior of weakly electric fish? Recent experiments and general info about black ghost knifefish, inspired by Tony Hall's work on ENKI technology. They have also been shown to be useful for biomonitoring of pullutants in water! Fish-2-pd interfaces are already working nicely.

Project 80: Long Range Microphone for Cicadas & Cricket Hunting

Imagine you are in the forest, rivers, or mountains and some noises just appears and hunting your ears and you kind of wanted to be sure what is it and where is it come from. This long range microphone might help you to solve the mistery. But, as the title says it will be used for hunting cricket and cicadas a.k.a garengpung, then we must have some ideas about how the cricket and cicadas a.k.a garengpung sounds like. - still under construction. Hhaha... so is everything else on that wiki :-)

Project 81: DIY Microbial Fuel Cells
Mud Battery.png

Imagine you are in the forest and create a bit of electricity from mud...

Project 82: Water Sampling Coconut

GPS and water sensors in a coconut go explore the rivers.

Project 83: Psychokinetic Action of Young Chicks

What if there was such a thing as Psychokinetics - let's test.

Project 84: Aquatic Malaria Extinction Robot - TEAM1
Malaria siech dusjagr.jpg

Some thoughts and experiments about malaria reduction, mosquito killing and stinky socks

Project 85: SATW - Do-it-yourself von Laborgeräten in der Bioanalytik
SATW-DIY kit.jpg

Co-Development of a workshop on DIY laboratory instruments for bioanalytics, colorimetry, low-cost microcontrollers and simple DIY electronics, enzymatic assays. With a concept of "teach the teachers", we are looking into DIY lab-tools as means of a pedagogic tool for interdisciplinary thinking at the biomedical/engineering/molecular interface. Coproduced with SATW, Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences, Hackteria and FHNW, School for Lifesciences.

Project 86: GynePUNK biolabs
Smell my finger.jpg

key words: ANARCHA biopunk - DIY bodyaction - radical SelFpower - Analisis of fluids - self citology - DIY equipment

BIO-reSEARCH is part of Pechblenda tentacles, mixed with AnarchaGland researchs and GynePUNK biolabs

Project 87: Ayam Cemani - ... or the Black Chicken Project
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Ayam means "chicken" in Indonesian and Cemani is "completely black" in Javanese.

Project 88: Lick the Moonmilk

Exploring the origin and use of moonmilk. Cave safari to the Moondmilchloch in Lucern.

Project 89: Elektrowetting

Playing with electro-wetting effect. Trying to finally make that desktop DNA synthesizer.

Project 90: Nucleic_Acid_Quantitation


Project 91: Wild openQCM
Wild openQCM.jpg

Make your free open wild openQCM aka artificial nose

Project 92: CocoMake7
CocoMake7 boardShape.png

A jugaad ultra low-cost clone to the Makey Makey, but based on QTouchADC sensing, local manufacturing and coconuts

Project 93: Nano hacking science and DIY/DIWO low cost diagnosis
IMG 0845.png

Project 94: MicroMacroPleasure

Dildomancy hacking science and DIY/DIWO low cost pleasure and vaginal trainning

Project 95: Biocomons.Lab
11738011 692237857544097 3209041620878190282 n.jpg

A meeting to define the bio-value and the bio-capital in the era of biotechnology. 6 days of unconferences and workshops to push further the Bio-Commons research project.

Project 96: Mobile Plant Analysis Lab @ pifCamp, Slovenia
DusjagrLab pifCamp.jpg

PIFcamp - Summer Hacking Camp, 3 – 9 August 2015 @ Trenta, Slovenia

Project 97: Jugaad PhoneScope
Lens closeUp.jpg

Very simple and self-made DIY lens to attach to your smart-phone and turning it into a nice microscope.

Project 98: openlab gynecologyDIT

Residence Fablab PlateformeC [] One of the topics or lines to explore Antropocene Or not ! PLASTICOCENE

Project 99: Euglena Burger
Japan euglenaBurger.png

The Euglena Burger - half animal and half plant. finally working on the recipes, upscaling using custom made home bio-reactors and looking forward to serve it to our friends.

Project 100: Save the Whales
Pandas will save the whales.jpg

No more words - We need ACTION!

Project 101: PCR your DNA Workshop

All you need to prepare for a basic workshop on getting some DNA, setting up a PCR, and running the gel to see some results in a day-long workshop

Project 102: Worm Composting
Wormcompost 3months.jpeg

Indoors or outdoors, a great way to reduce your garbage amounts and get super-rich compost for the garden

Project 103: Open Source Estrogen

Community page for DIY estrogen!!!

Project 104: Feuerphilosophen

Alchemy Reenactment Session

Project 105: Fostering Duckweed

Duckweed might be the food of the future? Can we grow it from our own pee as fertilizer?

Project 106: Völlig Übertriibe
Mark aquarium.jpg

Session in Schaffhausen for exploring BioVJing and other crazy Hydra-hacks

Project 107: Laser-Technologie 2000
LaserTechnologie 2000 circuit.png

simple constant current circuit for hacking lasers

Project 109: Chrisper-Chäsli

Some reflections on gene-editing and making cheese

Project 110: PRG Ikan Hobi - GMO fish geeking
PRK ikan Jan2017 lifepatch.jpg

Geeking around with zebra-fish, CRISPR and the GM-fish (formerly know as glow-fish) we found on the market in Yogyakarta. Seems the Indonesian regulations are supporting the use of GM fish for sports, hobby, crafts and ornamental use!

Project 111: DIY chemistry analysis of food

Series of protocols in development for extracting and analysing micronutrients in foods, using DIY methods and without the need for lab access.

Project 112: Make you own CRISPR-Kit

Creative workshop at Schloss Solitude. Design your own CRISPR-Kit.

Project 112: Miso
Dplus miso mixSojaRice.jpg

Miso (味噌 or みそ) making Workshop at Dimension Plus TW

Project 113: DIY Single Photon Generator

Finding a hack to generate single photons. Quantum-Nano-Dots, Cristals, Ions?

Project 114: Gär Lämpli
GarLampli box Pink.jpg

Check the Temperature and Time profile of your ferments... with just 1 LED

Project 115: Back to Bombyx

Exploring silk, again.

Project 116: Circular Chromatography
Circular chromatography.jpg

Started at (Art)ScienceBLR's site, enjoy concentric separation of matter - from soil, and developing sugars

Project 117: DIY Mutagenesis

à la ur-institute

Project 118: Trans Organs on a Chip
Transorgans v1.png

grow your own transorgans for fully (micro) fluid(ic) exchange!

Project 119: Participation in Decision Making by Members of DIY Communites
39890639411 d41caf1935 k.jpg

Research project on the needs of the community for sucessful collaboration with institutions

Project 120: HiSeq2000_-_Next_Level_Hacking

Let's hack that HiSeq Next Level Sequencing machine and make it open!

Project 121: MakeBlock Me High-Power Encoder Motor Driver
12045 01-500x500.JPG

Open Leaking Stuff

Project 122: Slime Mould
Slime mould in situ.JPG

more than solving the traveling salesman's problem

Project 123: CO2 Soil Respiration Chamber
IMG 20180616 122121.jpg

Also follow the discussion in the forum.

Project 124: Radon_measurement_with_DIY_track_detectors

How to DIY detect the impact of alpha particles, radiated form radon gas, with a DVD player

Project 125: Make you own CRISPR-Baby
Syringes slime biohackers edit02.jpg

Performative Workshop at swissnex SF

Project 126: DIY-BSL1
Dusjagr GMO bag text.png

Planning a public Workshop on BSL1 and CommunityBioLabs

Project 127: OpenKirlian
OpenKirlian electronics.png

The Open Kirlian is an open source device to look at the Kirlian effect around your fingers.

Project 128: Nata de Coco
NataDeCoco and Coconut.jpg

Some experiments in making bacterial cellulose from coconut water. bioplastics, Acetobacter xylinum, Kombucha SCOBY is soooo 2000...

Project 129: Nano-Pharming
Flyer NS3.jpg

Since 2010 during NanoSmano and other related events various experiments were investigated to produce nanoparticles with microbes, such as fungi or bacteria. Under this project we can put all those resources together. NanoŠmano - LifeSystems

Project 130: Woven actinometer for quantum
Potassium ferrioxalate8.jpg

I have been noticed that there are many potassium ferrioxalate crystals formed and "left over" from making cyanotype sensitizer for my laser dye project, the crystal is relatively easy to make and can be molded so I am thinking to build a crystal installation in large size. then I found it's the chemical for the actinometer.

Project 131: 10 tracks, 10 jackets, 1 album

With Fabcafe Taipei this year, we are trying to convert part of the result of my old project: I Am Very Happy I Hope You Are Too to machine embroidered circuit by a Tajima indrustrial embroidery machine. The idea is to make 10 synthesizer tracks by producing 10 single board circuits, and then convert them into 10 jackets. Part of the flexible circuit will be made with PDMS. I want to try to test if the PDMS circuit can be sewable by the Tajima machine.

Project 132: Fluorescence Microscope

We are doing implementations on the Fluoresce Microscope from Urs and checking the possible applications for the UROS project.

Project 133: BioTransLab

Documentation of the process of Biotranslab and HardGlam made by Pin from Pechblenda Lab and Hackteria network.

Project 134: Pd BioAmp
Pd bioamp banner.jpg

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