IHS - Annual Report 2017

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General Overview

See our event and overviews from the Futures Meeting @ ANORG


International Projects

Japan Tour

dusjagr joins lifepatch for Workshop-Tour in Japan – Feb 2017

Jamu Party and Cheese&CRISPR @ BioClub Tokyo, Japan.

How to start a Bio/Art/Hack Lab - Discussions at YCAM.

HTEAA Tokyo 2017 – How To Eat (Almost) Anything

India-Indonesia Residency 2017




Nature Animée 2 - Do It Together biology experiments with hackteria, Vienna, Austria.

Hackteria Temporary Lab - "Art Experiment @ Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moskau, Russia.

Biotopia, Kunsthalle Mainz


3D-Printing & Tempeh fermentasi with lab311 @ Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Make Munich - Coconuts and Biohacking, Munich, Germany.

Xi'an Makerfaire - On Cheese and Biohacking, Xian, China.

Participation at Nordic Baltic Biomedia lab network initiation event in Helsinki. formerly known as "1st network meeting and Copper - Kimchi workshop - Helsinki - 29th - 31st of August"

PRG Ikan Hobi - GMO fish geeking

Projects in Switzerland


On Cheese-Making and Genetics – Vebikus Kunsthalle Schaffhausen

Escaping the Digital Unease – Hackteria @ Kunsthaus Langenthal

Les Urbaines, Lausanne and Hackuarium Visit


BioFabbing Convergence: Fabrications and Fabulations

Biohack Retreat Klöntal 2017

Biohack Retreat Klöntal/ Biohack Retreat Klöntal.




Some of the workshops are linked above under the title of "Project".

Chrisper-Chäsli Workshop @Gasthaus.

Wild_OpenPCRPCR Polymorphisms.

Miso and Koji making workshop in Taipei

Neočekivana materija – Gaudilabs generički lab @ Radiona, Zagreb

Hardware Projects and Labology

DVD Laser Scanner Microscope

OpenDrop V3

Project 113: DIY Single Photon Generator

Finding a hack to generate single photons. Quantum-Nano-Dots, Cristals, Ions?
Project 114: Gär Lämpli

GarLampli box Pink.jpg

Check the Temperature and Time profile of your ferments... with just 1 LED
Project 115: Back to Bombyx


Exploring silk, again.
Project 116: Circular Chromatography

Circular chromatography.jpg

Started at (Art)ScienceBLR's site, enjoy concentric separation of matter - from soil, and developing sugars
Project 117: DIY Mutagenesis


à la ur-institute
Project 118: Trans Organs on a Chip

Transorgans v1.png

grow your own transorgans for fully (micro) fluid(ic) exchange!

Online Presence and Media

See here Press_Coverage#2017

Related Projects

GOSH Roadmap and Santiago de Chile

DIY - Children Aided Design @ GOSH 2017, Santiago de Chile, Chile


CRISPR-Kitchen many discussions and participation at the event in Munich

DITOs Bashing...


End of the year accounts: more or less 500, and some money via urs for our not so secret space program...

Accounts December2017.png

Download pdf here: File:Hackteria Financial Overview 2017_final.pdf

Total Production Costs

41k CHF

Financial Contributions

  • Hackteria: Mostly through the wemakeit Campaign / Science Booster for Klöntal, approx 18k CHF
  • Payments from Make Munich (Hans Sauer Stiftung), UNIGE (Biofabbing - DITOs), Ricolab (donation), Garage MCA (Art Experiment, Moscow)