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As part of the Environmental Monitoring of the Rivers in Yogya we organize a first short walk along nearby Code river in the city center of Yogyakarta.

11.00 Go to Code river from KKF

  • walking on the river banks
  • talk with the citizen in Juminahan area to Jambu and back to Juminahan (the riverbanks villages)
  • back to the KKF from Code river/13.00

NOTES: please use the shoes that okay being wet (not so deep, it's only 75cm depth, but don't leave your feet open because that might be a sharps), bring the sandal to change & sanithyzer (there are water fleas, see Daphniaology), hat/sunblock/sunglasses (for you who can't stand the heat or want to look cool), mineral water.



As part of the Biorecovery of Volcanic Soil we organize a field trip to Merapi (dont worry not all on the top. no crater hacking this time).

06.00 WIB Depart from Grand Surya Hotel

  • site seeing & short project descriptions
  • sampling, chilling out

11.00. Return

  • back to the Lab in Yogya/

NOTES: please wear proper shoes (no high heels), mineral water & snack, sunblock/umbrella/hat (if you afraid with the sun heat :D).

There's a myth about the place.. please don't say a baaaaaaaaaaaad things! ^^v


lifepatch and Green Tech during Wonosadi Seed Expedition 2012

This trip will introduce the Biodiversity conservation in Wonosadi Forest ecological research node.

We will go to the forest and camping there with the Green Technology , they will provide the camping gears (tent, sleeping bag, simple lighting, first aid kit) and the simple foodology.

The Master Plan is...

14.00 WIB Depart from Yogya to Wonosadi (approx. 2 hours trip)

  • Coffee & tea break, talk with the villagers
  • Walking to the camp site (approx. 30 minutes walking)
  • Preparing to stay & the camp grouping
  • Wild-(wo)mens dinner
  • Chilling out, forest Geeking, music jamming with Rinding Group (local traditional music) -

Next Morning: Sunrise breakfast

  • Planting - Preparing to leave & the camp grouping
  • Walking down to the village (approx. 30 minutes walking)
  • OTW from Wonosadi to town (approx. 2 hours trip)/13.00 WIB.

NOTES: please use a proper shoe (no high heels :D), bring your specials medicine, flash light, mosquito repellant, beers, and any other personal needs that you might need.

There's a myth in the area.. don't do baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad things dude ;p yeah!

Fashion advise for Field-trips