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If you are looking for HLab14-Workshopology



Educational Research „J'aime“ - Jaringan of Appropriate and Interdisciplinary Maker Education

J'aime Workshopology

and a list here: Hackteria Workshops in ZKM 2016

Crazy list of all workshops from HLab14

Education Research on how to do good workshops

and here on the SGMK page

Other Courses / Workshops


... or how to make cheese and wine.

BrainHacks and Playing with Perception

Rubber Hands, Dream-Machines, Fish-Hacks and more

Fish-to-Brain Interfaces, Antony Hall, Ljubljana


Simple and playful body hacks for children that allow enhancing our human performance.

DIY microscopy

More info can be found on J'aime DIY Microscopy


Convergence of Life and Tech at the Nanoscale – A Hands-on Introduction for Students

During this course, the students will be introduced into the merging disciplines of of art, science and engineering that meet at the nanoscale.

Hacking Plants

Plant Electrophysiology


Many times...


See also J'aime 4093 Nandsynth and PIFcamp Plant Analyzer

Shake it Baby


Urban Hunting

Yeah, let's go out and get some food from the streets. Snails, rats, nutria, pigeons and rabbits...

Build your own lab

Generic Lab Equipment & BioTehna Lab Infrastructure

Synthetic Biology for Artists and Designers

Done over several years at Srishti...


Platform for Hybrid-Games, Micro- and Nanotechnology and Life Sciences

LabHacking - From DIY lab tools to field-works, UCSB

Other documents

Download proposal to ZKM here: File:Hackteria_proposedWorkshops_ZKM_updateOkt.pdf

check J'aime

Some other document about education research at the art/sci, part of dusjagr's proposal to aalto File:dusjagr_on_Workshology.pdf

Do-It-Yourself BioArt

Copy the Masters...

What is DIy biology